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Cloak of Organs: S/T

August 8, 2016


I’m uncertain if there is a category such as ethereal metal, but if there is then Cloak of Organs belongs in that category. As heavy as their four track self titled EP is, the release is light, wondrous and haunting all at the same time. Cloak of Organs provides you with a sound that ends up sticking with you as it is very memorable and easy to listen to over and over again. Not only does this ethereal outfit know how to slow things down and provide you with light and swimming atmospheres, but they also know how to kick the tempo up a notch to provide you with heavy and hard rocking tunes as well.

Cloak of Organs switches their sound up quite a bit all throughout this release, and more often than not through one song you will get plenty of variation. Cloak of Organs twists and turns from a light yet powerful doom style to a heavier buzzing tone that gets your head banging and back again with ease. You don’t know where the music will turn next and that is what keeps you on your toes and keeps you listening.

The very first two songs off of this self titled effort are of the slower doom inspired variety and where Cloak of Organs switches everything up in the blink of an eye is when Starvation Heights begins. Starvation Heights is played in a heavy rocking style that gets you up and headbanging. Crunching riffs surround you while heavy bass lines bounce off of the inside of your skull and haunting infectious vocals compel you to sing along.

Injected into the fold is an atmosphere that seems to sweep you right off of your feet and right up into the sky. This self titled release has a knack for making you feel as though you are flying above the clouds at certain moments and more than that it wraps you up in silky smooth atmosphere to the point where you get lost in all of the music for the entire listen. When Cloak of Organs begins you end up zoning out and letting the music take you to wherever it is headed.

Overall, this EP is a great listen that provides you with plenty of variation, solid production, great atmosphere, solid musicianship and soaring vocals. Not only can Cloak of Organs give you atmosphere riddled doom inspired music, but they can also give you a crunching and hard rocking style when needed. This EP is an infectious listen and one that you can sit and listen to whenever and never get tired of.

This self titled release will be out August 26,2016.

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