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The Apex: Underbelly

August 10, 2016


If I’m like most people that listen to heavy metal, I like my heavy metal heavy and pissed off, and boy does The Apex bring a ton of both to the table. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario The Apex put a bit of a twist on heavy metal. The brand of metal that The Apex plays is what could be said to be technical hardcore but the term “ghetto tech” that the band has given themselves fits just as well. Whatever genre that it is that these gents play it’s heavy and there isn’t two ways around that at all. In their newest release titled Underbelly, The Apex brings the heavy by the truckload and leaves you flattened in the concrete.

Underbelly is only three songs long but when it’s done with you you would have wished it were two songs shorter. Underbelly leaves you feeling broken as well as smashed straight into the ground. The entire length of this EP is just over eleven minutes, and in that short amount of time these Windsor natives make you choke down your own teeth and drink from a straw for a month. Right off of the rusted pipe The Apex pelts you with crushing riffs and an overall pissed off sound that has the capability to level a city.

This EP has a terrifying neck snapping ability that it uses at will. This is about as loud and abrasive as you can get and this is a release that you have to play as loud as you can until your ears bleed. The sound that The Apex provides you with is massive and leaves your bones rattling and bruises your brain beyond recognition. Underbelly has an unhinged aggression about it that makes it lethal to whoever is listening.

All throughout this release you get crunching choppy riffs that pummel you in the chest making your ribs cave; drums that sound as though the drummer has it out for the kit and bass lines that are writhing and can strangle you in the blink of an eye. To add to all of the aggression and down right earth shattering sound are the vocals that spew venom and match the rest of the music in intensity. Each song is back breaking technical and the production brings each song to a different level making this EP a listen to certainly remember.

It’s hard not to headbang and go absolutely ape shit when listening to something that is this heavy. The Apex captured something in this EP that is fresh, intense and down right heavy. Before listening, just remember that you may be taking a bit of a dirt nap at the end of the listen or you may just destroy your whole house.

Underbelly will come out August 17, 2016.

Their self titled that came out last year can be found here.

To find their single Underbelly you can find here right here.

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