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Dendritic Arbor/Infinite Waste: Split

August 13, 2016


Snapping together hardcore, black metal, noise and other various genres are Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste and in the next few weeks they will unleash a split together off of a newly coveted label that go by the name Gloom Pit. For Gloom Pit’s very first release this is a pretty savage release that hits you square in the teeth. Throughout this split you get subjected to five total songs that do their best to rip your head off every chance that they get. Both Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste are raw and unhinged and that combination makes for an explosive and highly lethal listen.

This split begins with Dendritic Arbor which graces your ears with three of the five songs. Two of the three songs that they supply you with are filthy and ultimately bone grinding. The song that splits the two that try to turn your organs into paste is acts as almost an interlude that supplies you with eerie sounds before it plunges you deep into molten darkness. After that untitled interlude you get three straight shots of blistering blackened hardcore and noise that leaves you feeling as though you have been hit by a truck.

Each of the two bands plays a similar and unique style of metal that sounds exactly like controlled chaos. All throughout this record you get a maelstrom of metal that can and will slit your throat whenever given the chance. Both bands melt hardcore and black metal among other genres to create something that is wholly ear shredding and neck breaking. This split provides you with an unrelenting sound that lurches and stabs at you at will without warning which puts the listener in life threatening danger.

Both Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste give you ear drum slashing riffs, somersaulting drumming, lacerating bass lines and vocals that would shred the throats and vocal chords of any mere mortal. Both bands and every song has the capability to pummel you six feet into the ground and they both exercise that capability freely. Once you click play you get thrust into a head caving listen that leaves your head spinning and your ears bleeding in the best way possible. Only two speeds exist on this release and those are: fast and even faster. Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste play at mach five speeds and don’t slow down for anyone to catch up as they bulldoze through everything with ease.

For the very first release from Gloom Pit it couldn’t be any stronger than it is. This EP puts you in a frenzy and gets you headbanging until your head is twisted around until you are permanently looking behind you. This release caters to anyone who is a fan of hardcore or black metal or both for that matter. It is a strong release that should get many rotations and should please any fan of heavy, grinding headbanging metal.

To pre-order, check out Gloom Pit on Bandcamp.

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