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Coma Cluster Void: Mind Cemeteries

August 14, 2016

Coma Cluster Void album art

There is something to be said about bands that inject a lot of different elements into their music and make everything work without their sound being just a wall of noise, and that something can be said about Coma Cluster Void. Coma Cluster Void plays death metal but not in the traditional sense at all. With Mind Cemeteries, Coma Cluster Void gives you a unique sound that is difficult to pigeonhole into one specific genre. However, what Mind Cemeteries does give you is a listen that is incredibly heavy as well as one that makes you uncomfortable and yet it makes you headbang until your head falls off all at the same time.

By uncomfortable I simply mean that while listening to this album you can’t be at ease. You are always on edge as the music changes so much and so rapidly that you can’t get comfortable. Coma Cluster Void does a great job of providing you with a listen that is entirely disorienting. From one song to the next you have no idea what you are in for as these death metal contortionists switch their sound up at the drop of a hat and back again almost as quick. Coma Cluster Void gives you more than a fair share of variety within this release and gives you different looks into different sounds of death metal as well.

As the music changes and lurches you yourself lurch with the music and headbang accordingly until your brain is covered in severe bruises. Mind Cemeteries is a chaotic listen that is equally as heavy, which means this release is devastatingly heavy. At every turn and every twist you can be crushed by the sheer weight of this release. Coma Cluster Void doesn’t ease you into the heavy tides of crashing metal either as they thrust you straight into the chaos and metal storm immediately after the intro concludes. Before the intro does conclude, it would be wise to buckle up to prepare yourself for the crazy and wild ride down the heavy metal rabbit hole.

Coma Cluster Void gives you so many different sounds and so many different looks into what death metal is and can be that it takes more than one listen to have everything sink in. You need a few rotations of this devastatingly heavy record to have everything soak in. As mentioned above, even though these gents provide you with a startling amount of different elements, everything works together very well. Each song is cohesive and well constructed and with that being said, the entire album works together as a whole to grind your skull into bone dust and turn your brain into a soupy mess.

These death metal savages bring to you a ten string guitar attack that writhes, lurches and jumps at you with the intent to kill. Combined with the slashing riffs is a bone crumbling bass and an incredibly acrobatic drum performance. To round out the sonic assault is the dual vocal attack that is just as monstrous as the musicianship. With John Strieder on the massive ten string guitar, Sylvia Hinz on the bass, Christopher Burrows on drums and the dual vocals by Mike DiSalvo and Austin Taylor, Coma Cluster Void is stacked with talent and people that know how to dish out brain damaging death metal, and that is exactly what they do.

This debut album is highly anticipated and rightfully so. This eleven track album isn’t just set to stun, it’s set on destroy and given the chance it will do just that. Mind Cemeteries is an impressive debut that certainly has the power to level your entire city.

Find and pre-order Mind Cemeteries right here.

Mind Cemeteries will be out August 26, 2016.

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