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Shadow Witch: Sun Killer

August 15, 2016


Providing you with a bit of a twist on the stoner rock genre is Shadow Witch and coming up from the depths with them is their debut full length Sun Killer. Shadow Witch gives you a listen that is filled with stoner rock groove and injected with doom and grunge to give you something fresh and unique. You still get that fuzzed out stereo bursting sound that you get with stoner rock but injected into the folds of all of the buzzing you get hard hitting grunge and slow psychedelic dirges of doom. Of the eleven songs that make an appearance on this record, all eleven of them will get you up and headbanging before you know it.

Since Sun Killer gives you so much variation none of the songs on the record sound alike and this release even warrants a few listens to let everything soak in. With each listen you notice more and more elements that Shadow Witch blends into their already unique style of rock. Sun Killer is an interesting listen and an intoxicating one all the same as the album seems to wriggle its way in through your ear drums and into your brain. This album doesn’t go away very easily as each song is entirely memorable and sooner or later you’ll end up singing along with the lead vocalist whether you realize it or not.

One buzzing mass of heavy rocking noise comes one right after the next and since each song is just as headbang worthy as the last you become stuck in perpetual headbang. When listening you can’t help but to headbang until your neck is sore, air guitar until your fingers fall off and belt it out along side the vocalist. Sun Killer is undeniably infectious as it gets under your skin in the best way possible and all at the same time it gets lodged in your mind. Not only with their musicianship is Shadow Witch memorable but with the soundscapes that they provide they suck you in as well.

Shadow Witch provides you with buzzing and writhing soundscapes that suck you right into the album as soon as it begins. Sun Killer checks you right in the gut with heavy buzzing riffs coupled with massive bass lines and solid drum work. On top of all of the hard rocking musicianship you get vocals that are incredibly powerful as they soar over the wall of headbanging  noise. No matter what look Shadow Witch is giving you, whether it is grunge, doom or stoner rock, one thing is for certain and that is that Sun Killer is heavy.

With slick musicianship and great production Shadow Witch comes forth with a killer debut album. This is an album that you can listen to for extended periods of time and never get tired of it. Sun Killer is memorable and heavy and no matter what you do you can’t escape from the fuzz. This record is one that you need to crank as high as you can and sit back and let the fuzzed out metal take you to new and unique heights.

Sun Killer is out tomorrow through Snake Charmer Coalition.

Find Sun Killer right here.

Listen to the single Sun Killer and find more Shadow Witch.

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