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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Sunlight’s Bane/Geist: Split

August 16, 2016


If ever you wanted a better understanding as to what pure hatred and violence sounds like you won’t have to look any further than Sunlight’s Bane and Geist. Both bands lay down sickening tracks of contorted metal that bash your brains in when given the slightest of opportunities. The split that you see above isn’t something that should be taken lightly as it is terrifyingly heavy and incredibly pissed off and has the capability to take your head off without warning. Sunlight’s Bane and Geist have two songs a piece on this deafening split and they are all equally savage and head caving.

The split begins with Sunlight’s Bane and they start the split as though they were shot out of a cannon and from then on neither band lets up as you get one ear ripping track after another. Neither Sunlight’s Bane or Geist gives you any room to breathe while listening as all of the space in this split is taken up by brain bashing and skin shredding metal. This entire split is a fiery maelstrom of several different genres packed tightly into a neat explosive package. Both bands sport hardcore, black metal and hints of grindcore as well to provide you with an apocalyptic and life threatening listen.

This entire split is a whirling and dizzying display of hate filled metal that aims only to destroy. I can only imagine that the recording studio was left in shambles right after sessions as each band is incredibly volatile and violent. After a single listen you feel as though you have been through a car crash. You’re left maimed and bloodied and both bands revel in all of the horror that they deal you. They ladle out harsh and punishing music by the truck load and ultimately bury you and crush you under the sheer weight of their music.

Sunlight’s Bane and Geist shred their ways through your soft ear drums with raw and slicing riffs and pummel your brain with writhing and buzzing bass lines and tumultuous drumming all while the lead singers scream in your face until you yourself are blue in the face. With each instrument combined and with the vocals added for extra terror, you get a sound that is visceral and sounds as though everything stems from a place of disdain, aggression and hatred and with everything mashed together you get something that is undeniably heavy.

This split cannot be ignored for the simple fact that it won’t let you ignore it. Both Sunlight’s Bane and Geist are powerful and menacing bands that give you music that you can headbang to and maybe even start a few riots to. Their sound is massive already and when paired with great production quality you get a monster. This dark and chaotic release is one that will make any grind, hardcore, black metal or any metal fan in between feverishly headbang until their neck snaps.

To pre-order this sinister split you can find it on the Seeing Red Records Bandcamp.

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