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Fetal Autopsy: Backwoods Bloodshed

August 18, 2016


As a genre, brutal death metal is meant to make you uncomfortable, queasy and by every sense of the word sickened and Fetal Autopsy seems to hit on all of those cylinders. Backwoods Bloodshed is the newest offering by the one man death machine and this release offers you nine tracks of disgusting blood spurting death metal. Throughout this release you get barrage after barrage of viscera soaked metal that is wholly unapologetic and not only that but it seems that this record is even on its own fiendish gore soaked agenda to slaughter everyone in its path.

Equipped with samples of a woman begging for her life and a song about Dennis Rader the BTK Killer, Backwoods Bloodshed is a gruesome listen to behold. This record does everything it can to rip your fucking head off and use it as a hood ornament. Each song is just as bloodied and gruesome as the last and this entire release will be damned if it leaves anyone at all alive. Backwoods Bloodshed is a bleak and grim display of brutal death metal and the body parts that you see above hanging from the tree don’t even scratch the surface.

Immediately after you press play the blood comes flying right out of the disc and the body parts stack up higher than your roof. Backwoods Bloodshed is undeniably heavy and undeniably deadly as it brandishes an ax as well as anything else it could possibly maim you with or dismember you with. This isn’t an over the top skin blistering release that is over in half an hour or less. This is a record that takes the torture slow and revels in the blood and your skin crawling cries for mercy as it drags a sharpened blade across your face.

Backwoods Bloodshed supplies you with a listen that is gritty and grimy as it slowly dissects you and lobotomizes you to add to its already impressive collection of sickening decorations. Fetal Autopsy comes at you with the intent to kill and it doesn’t quit until your head is on a steak and your severed body is burning on a pyre. The more grotesque the better and the more that this record can make your blood boil and your skin crawl the better.

Fetal Autopsy doesn’t just give you eerie audio samples as he gives you a hair raising atmosphere as well giving off a sound that makes it seem as a serial killer may be standing right behind you ready to sever your arms and legs. This is one of the more comprehensive brutal death records that has all of the songs playing together to create a whole cohesive bloodshedding unit.

Backwoods Bloodshed is a sickening and perverse listen that isn’t for the faint of heart at all. If you have a weak stomach or you pass out easily from the sight of blood or gore you may want to look the other way. However, if you enjoy some brutal death metal or just a great sickening listen in general, this record should be high on your radar.

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