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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Dysylumn: Chaos Primordial

August 20, 2016


Dealing with the occult is one thing, but mastering it and putting it all on a disc is another and that is what progressive black metallers Dysylumn has done. Dysylumn’s new offering is titled Chaos Primordial and offers up five songs that are sinister, wondrous and purely blasphemous. Chaos Primordial makes you feel as though you have been encased by a heavy and purely blackened fog and all at the same time your mind plunges deep into the recesses of darkness and all things that await it there. Dysylumn does a great job of giving you an atmosphere throughout this wonderfully dark listen that will make any sane person take that leap straight into the cavernous darkness.

Dysylumn begin this EP with a mysterious intro and from then on you get droves and droves of mysterious and soul shattering black metal. What Dysylumn does very well within this release is balance their black metal attack with progressive elements to give you an immersive listen. There are a lot of different elements that Dysylumn shovels out at you within this release and it will take more than one listen to let everything soak in, but with that being said the EP is entirely captivating and holds your attention for the entirety.

The individual songs on Chaos Primordial are fairly long in length but even with that being the case, Dysylumn keeps you interested and makes you want to keep listening so you can find out where the music is taking you next. The direction in which Dysylumn takes you is downward in the ever spiraling abyss. As this record goes on it gets darker and darker and sooner rather than later you are enveloped in pure unrelenting darkness. Chaos Primordial oozes evil and spurts out venom at any chance that it gets and at any moment it has the capability to wrap itself around your throat to suffocate you in that abysmal darkness.

Chaos Primordial is a heaving and lurching album that is peppered with dissonant, writhing and at times melancholic riffs that have the tendency to put you in a fragile state of mind. The dissonance and sharpness  of the riffs to go along with the thick bass lines and solid drumming, what you get is a listen that is all encompassing. With each element that Dysylumn provides for you from the riffs to the pained vocals to the slithering atmosphere, you get sucked into the listen almost immediately never to see the light of day again.

This first release off of new label Egregor Records is a solid one and a great way to kick off the beginning for a new label. Chaos Primordial is an EP that is solid all the way around as it gives you sinister black metal with progressive elements as well as an atmosphere that is just as dangerous as the instrumentation itself. Chaos Primordial is a twisting release that tends to stick with you as it is heavy and unique all the same.

Chaos Primordial will be out in October through Egregor Records.

The title track can be found right here.

To find Chaos Primordial among other Dysylumn releases you can find them on Bandcamp.

Drop Egregor Records a like on Facebook and Dysylumn can be found here.

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