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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

The Great Sabatini/Godstopper: Split

August 20, 2016


What do you get when you combine sludge with more sludge and noise rock? You get a buzzing and skull rattling split by The Great Sabatini and Godstopper. Both bands have a similar style of play and each style is unique, hard hitting and unforgettable. Throughout the listen you will more than likely look like the guy on the album cover as both bands bring something different to the table to give you a listen that is diverse. Of the six songs none of them sound alike at all and to grasp the direction in which this split is going will take more than one listen to figure out.

This grime and sludge filled release opens with The Great Sabatini and a song titled I’m Not the Man. The intro to the song is of a person shouting about how some Satanists went to their house and how they melt babies for more demonic power, and right after that The Great Sabatini submerges you in thick walls of buzzing riffs and heavy headbanging madness. After the blitzkrieg of monstrous riffs the song fades out with odd sounds only to have them continue straight into the next song titled Shortwave Radio. Shortwave Radio is only a little over a minute long and as soon as it is over The Great Sabatini hit you with more ferocious riffs and headbanging sludge.

The Ear Collect showcases more of The Great Sabatini’s ability to provide you with gut punching music. Throughout this song they dish out down tuned and fuzzed out monstrous riffs, rib cracking drumming, heavy bass lines and strained vocals that are screamed from beyond the wall of noise. The Ear Collect is a short song as well only giving you a brief moment of headbang worthy tunes, but within that brief moment you get attacked from all directions by stomping sludge filled metal. Straight after The Ear Collect is finished you dive right into the fourth song titled Dog Days which is an acoustic song that sounds as though a banjo plays the lead role. Dog Days is a song that sounds as though it could close a western movie but instead bridges the gap to the songs of Godstopper.

Godstopper opens up their section of the split with a song titled It’s Alright which immediately hits you with a continuous and memorable fuzzed out riff. It’s Alright in all of its buzzing glory gets you to headbang almost immediately as the mid tempo riffs crash down upon you like waves of fuzz. A little more than midway through the song, Godstopper picks the tempo up into a romping and rocking sound only to have it come back down again to provide you with a searing guitar solo and more chopping riffs. It’s Alright is a heavy way to open the second half of the split and does a great job of getting the listener engaged and headbanging early on into Godstopper’s half of the split.

To close out this brain buzzing split is the second song from Godstopper titled A Prayer. This song from Godstopper is more doom oriented and slowly moves and lurches as the song goes along. Headbanging along with It’s Alright to slowing the tempo to a crawl almost breaks your neck. A Prayer is just as fuzzed out with thick bass lines and heavy molasses thick riffs. Godstopper does a great job of switching up the tempo and providing you with something new between both songs. Both songs are massive and round the split out very well and A Prayer leaves you off on a heavy hitting note that makes you want to listen more.

Between The Great Sabatini and Godstopper you get six songs that are unique and more than headbang worthy. This split is a buzzing and heavy listen that will make any doom, rock, noise and sludge as well as any fan in between happy to listen to.

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