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Featured Interview: Ray Bell of Fetal Autopsy

August 22, 2016

Just recently I was fortunate enough to interview the mastermind behind the band Fetal Autopsy-Ray Bell-and ask him a few questions. The review for Backwoods Bloodshed can be found here and for the interview it can be found below! Read and enjoy!

Can you tell a little bit about how Fetal Autopsy came to be?

In 2012 I was playing shows under the name “btk” then me and Kyle from Cryptic Incarnation got together and started a new band called “Fetal Autopsy”. Shortly after creating the band, Kyle left to focus on Cryptic Incarnation so I continued on with the band name.

Can you tell a little bit about how you went about the writing and recording process for your new record?

Well I would start with a guitar riff, build the drums and bass around that and write lyrics to them. I used a Spider III line 6 to record guitars which ran into an interface into the PC.

Was there a certain sound or feeling that you were going for or trying to capture on this record?

No, not really. I think the music created it’s own atmosphere. Once completed, the album came out pretty dark in my opinion.

When going from one record to the next how do you keep things fresh and new?

I’m always gathering inspiration whether it be from horror movies, serial killer documentaries, or personal experiences.

At times is it difficult coming up with new gore filled material?

Yeah, at times it seems a bit repetitive.

What made you want to get into brutal death metal and create the music that you do?

Watching a Cannibal Corpse “making of” DVD that came with “The Wretched Spawn” was when I decided I wanted to play death metal.

What kind of influences do you draw from to create your music?

Anything from serial killers, horror movies, life experiences. It all mashes up quite nicely.

As a one man band do you find it to be easier or more difficult to come up with new ideas for music?

It can be difficult at times. Lately I’ve been pretty low on ideas so I’m taking a break from writing and recording and focusing more on promotion and playing shows.

I like the fact that you added audio clips of Dennis Rader among other things to give off more of a vibe that makes the listener feel as though he/she is in a horror movie. Was that more of the direction you were aiming toward when putting the new record together?

No, not really. I just wanted to add something to give the listener a different prospective of the song.

I just have a few more questions for you. I know Backyard Bloodshed just came out, but what can we expect from Fetal Autopsy in the future?

I’m playing a CF benefit show august 27th, Fields of the dead fest Oct 7th, a show in OKC Oct 29th. After that I’ll be back in the studio working on a split album with my bro Goremonger called “The Snuff Tapes”.

To conclude, what would you like to say to your fans and followers?

I’d like to say thank you to all the fans, supporters for sticking by me through all the years, and if there might be anyone inspired by me to do their own thing with music then, don’t give up! Keep going after your dream regardless of what other people may say, think, or feel. If you feel it then do it.


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