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Mindkult: Witch’s Oath

August 23, 2016

Witch's Oath cover art

What you see above is the cover to Mindkult’s debut EP Witch’s Oath. Witch’s Oath is four total songs that have a run time of about twenty-four minutes, and within those twenty plus minutes is music that is rocking, bluesy, moody and heavy. Mindkult plays a style of doom rock that is utterly captivating and smooth and when listening you tend to get lost in all of this EPs buzzing glory. In each song Mindkult bring you something new and different that you didn’t hear in previous songs and even so what you get from every song is a sound that is wholly mesmerizing and undeniable.

Immediately after you press play you get lost in the bluesy and trippy riffs as well as the hypnotizing vocals. As your mind wanders through the buzzing soundscapes, Mindkult also make you headbang and rock out with intent. With all of the emotion that is pumped into this release, just as much rock and heavy skull numbing fuzz is woven in as well which makes for a heavy and interesting listen. Witch’s Oath is a release that you can listen to over and over again as well as one that gets imprinted in your brain for quite some time to come.

This entire EP was executed by one man and when you listen it will become just that much more impressive to you. Mindkult seemingly has emerged from the smokey depths of nowhere to provide us with smooth buzzing doom sounds that immediately get stuck inside of your noggin. Fawst is the name of the cult leader that is behind this band and he is the one that supplies you with droves and droves of memorable bluesy riffs, solid head nodding drums and vocals that are terrifyingly hypnotizing.

No matter what you do you feel compelled to press play over and over again until the tape wears out. Mindkult has nailed this debut EP and it’s exciting to see where this could go next. Witch’s Oath is a great EP to tide you over until a full length hopefully emerges from the bubbling abyss of hallucinogens. This EP is mind warping goodness that shouldn’t be looked over at all, and if you have skipped it, do yourself a favor and go back to it. Witch’s Oath hits on all cylinders and it gives you a memorable and intoxicating listen that you just can’t stop listening to.

You can find Mindkult’s offering on Bandcamp.

To find the tape and check out all things Caligari Record has to offer, you can find it on  the Caligari Record store.

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