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Featured Interview: Banned From Hell

August 25, 2016

Below you will find the interview I was lucky enough to  conducted with Banned From Hell. Thank you to them for taking the time out to answer what questions I did have for them, and without further adieu I present the featured interview with Banned From Hell. Enjoy.

Can you give a little bit of background as to how Banned From Hell came to be?

Banned From Hell was formed in 2010 by Mattia Montesano and Leonardo Roina. In 2012 we recorded the first EP “Nightmare” followed by its official tour (playing with band as Rotting Christ, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Hate, Eyehategod and many other).  After variation of formation we reached the current line­up and recorded “Fall of Humanity”distributed by Sliptrick Records and here we are!

Horror and heavy metal are pretty much synonymous. Was it an easy decision to combine horror elements with heavy metal to create your unique sound?

Our unique sound is totally natural, is our intrinsic style. We just tried to put all our influences into our compositions.

And can you tell a little about the writing and recording process of this album?

We start from the idea of a single member who writes a draft version and then we all work together to make it complete.

All throughout Fall of Humanity the atmosphere is thick and there are plenty of emotions that course throughout the release. Was that something that you were aiming for or did that occur naturally?

Everything that you can listen or feel in “Fall of Humanity” is naturally and exactly what we wanted it to be.

With Fall of Humanity, what were you trying to achieve or accomplish?

We don’t have particular target, but we always work to reach the top. We started an incredible journey and we hope you’ll feel the same emotions that we felt working on this project.

What are some of the lyrical themes in this release?

Our lyrics talk about social problems of our society mixed with horror and splatter backgrounds.

Who/what are some of your inspirations to create this kind of music?

We have many influences from classical music to modern metal passing through jazz and progressive, you can capture in our songs lots of different peculiarities.

After the release of Fall of Humanity, have you guys been touring or do you have any big tours coming up?

Yes, but it’s a surprise, big news coming soon!

To conclude, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and followers?

We would like to thank you and all our followers! Stay tuned guys!

To check out the review of Fall of Humanity you can find it right here.


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