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Dysemblem: Strength of Giants

August 30, 2016

Strength Of Giants cover art

Combining doom and death metal, Dysemblem create a unique, harsh and buzzing sound that gets you hooked right off the bat. If Dysemblem just focused on one genre or the other, they would be a great band at one genre or the other which is a testament to them for the simple fact that they play each genre expertly and sew them together with ease. Strength of Giants is their debut full length that includes nine songs that will run you thirty-five minutes or so, and within those thirty-five minutes you get metal that is pure and played with a great intensity that you just need to go back for more and more each time the record is over.

When listening you can see how Dysemblem would be great if they just strictly played doom or death metal. They play each genre with ease and bend them to their will to create music for you that makes you interested and keeps you listening from beginning to end. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel the need to skip as each of the nine songs are wonderfully captivating and this album gets you to come back for more and more. No matter which genre you get more of at any given time, you know that it will be heavy, executed well and more than headbang worthy.

Each song on this record is anvil heavy and Strength of Giants doesn’t just keep your attention with that, but it also keeps your attention by throwing you loops and giving you different sounds at all times. None of the songs sound anything alike and you end up guessing what you are going to hear next and which sound is going to lobotomize you next. Dysemblem transition from death to doom and back again with fluidity but nothing is abrupt or schizophrenic as each song is crafted and executed very well.

Dysemblem hits you with a buzzing wall of crashing riffs that fall down upon you like an avalanche only for you to be bombarded with skull pounding drumming and head caving bass lines. The vocals force through the wall of noise much like the alien did through that guy’s chest in Alien. They are savage, raw and barbaric which is everything that you look for in death metal vocals. Dysemblem is loud and can only be played loud, and not only that but Dysemblem has a raw and destructive sound about them that is just enough to cave the head in of anyone near your vicinity while listening.

Strength of Giants is pumped with poison and crushing music that at times this album seems to be just as giant as the giant on the album art. This debut full length is powerful and gets you to headbang immediately. The combination of doom and death metal makes this record an interesting as well as an undeniably heavy listen all at the same time. This is just the debut full length and it crushes skulls and leaves bodies in its wake, it’ll be interesting to see what Dysemblem can come up with for the next record. But for now, we have Strength of Giants that is tailor made for heavy metal fans alike.

You can find Strength of Giants on Bandcamp.

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