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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Skeleton of God: Primordial Dominion

September 30, 2016


When you look at the cover for Primordial Dominion by Skeleton of God, you wouldn’t think that this release has anything to do with death metal, but that’s where you would be wrong. Originally seeing the light of day in 2008, Primordial Dominion mixes psychedelic and doom metal with death metal to give you a completely unique and acid washed listen. One would think that psychedelic metal and death metal wouldn’t work well together, but Skeleton of God proves that it does. They mixed both unique elements together seamlessly to provide you with a listen that is not only trippy but lethal as well.

Thanks to Everlasting Spew, this slab of mind bending psychedelic death metal has been resurrected from the archives and shown the light of day again and now everyone is able to see it in a new light. Now that it has been unleashed for a second time, this record has a chance to infect even more people with its intoxicating yet abrasive sound. There isn’t a song on this record that you would wish to skip or would want to skip as each and every song is solid and hypnotic in its own right. No matter whether you are getting pelted by romping death metal tunes or if you are tripping out on vivid and expansive soundscapes, one thing is for sure, you just can’t shake these songs.

Skeleton of God mixes the psychedelic elements and the death metal elements together very well to the point where you get both all at the same time more often than not. It’s like being completely brutalized and having the trip of your life all at the same moment. Even though the pummeling death metal is cracking your bones, you can’t help but to be captivated by the vivid and vast soundscapes that the psychedelic sounds provide for you. And when you are not getting both death metal and the more trippy acid washed psychedelic sounds you of course are getting one or the other, and really if Skeleton of God decided, they could be either strictly a great death metal band or a  great psychedelic doom band.

There are a few songs on this release such as Divinorum that are more doom than anything else and those songs further submerge you in sludgy, thick psychedelic goodness. These songs push your mind into even more vast soundscapes in which your mind floats aimlessly around. You completely get lost within these songs and until the harsh and ferocious death metal sounds come back you free float through hazy smoke filled atmospheres until you are brought back down to reality by way of the sledgehammer that is death metal.

Primordial Dominion is a hypnotic and captivating album that you always need to stay until the end for. There isn’t a song on here that you would ever feel like skipping, and not only that but they warrant more than one listen anyway. Primordial Dominion is an intoxicating listen that brings so much to the table that it is necessary to listen more than a few times to let it all sink in, then a few more times because it is that good. This was a unique record eight years ago and it still is a unique, heavy and captivating listen now. If you already knew about this record, this revamp will be a great addition to your collection, and if you did not know about this record from the get go, this will be a great addition to your collection as well. This has a little bit of everything in it for just about everyone, so crank up the volume and headbang like you have a brain and head to spare.

You can find everything Skeleton of God right on their website and you can throw them a like on Facebook.

Everything Everlasting Spew can be found right on their official site as well and you can find them and throw them a like as well on their Facebook.

Sin of God: Aenigmata

September 28, 2016


Bludgeoning, skin shredding, flesh melting and utterly destructive are only some of the words that can be used to describe Aenigmata. This release is the newest offering from death metal juggernauts Sin of God and this new record is comprised of nine total songs that drain you of your life and empty your veins of your blood. Aenigmata is a savage and barbaric death metal release that after a listen you end up looking like the unfortunate people you see on the cover art. With this record, Sin of God has created something that is entirely brutalizing and completely detrimental to anyone who listens as you feel as though your face has been sheered off after just one rotation.

Right out of the gate Aenigmata begins your beating and from then on you just end up getting pummeled over and over again until you are barely recognizable. This record comes at you with a great intensity as well as an intent to kill and it won’t be satisfied until its thirst for blood is quenched. Aenigmata is a deadly record that tears you apart limb from limb and flesh from bone until you are no more, and if you think that there may be a break somewhere in this release to catch your breath, you would be mistaken. Right after you press play the onslaught begins and this monstrous album begins tearing your head right off of your shoulders.

Through nine songs Sin of God makes sure that you do not exit the listen with all of you intact. After you complete just one listen you may find that you are missing limbs, and with all of the hyperbole aside this record really does make you feel as though you have been through the wringer a few times. Songs roll on one after another and since there is no filler or no intros to any of the songs-save for the few second intro in the opener-you don’t get a chance to catch your breath. Sin of God plays at mach five speeds all throughout this record and not only that but the sheer brutality of each song has the capability of ripping you clean in half.

Aenigmata is packed with eviscerating riffs and flesh flaying solos along with thunderous bass lines and skull splitting drum work. Just as monstrous as the musicianship are the vocals that are filled with venom and blood thirst themselves. With the tight musicianship and the great songwriting you can’t help but to headbang until you bruise your brain so much that you become a vegetable. Aenigmata is a tight, well produced and well put together album that is ridiculously powerful and bludgeoning and it gets you headbanging right off the bat.

This new offering is a great death metal record that any death metal fan should have on their shelf. You can’t go wrong with Aenigmata as it provides you with everything you could want and ask for in a death metal release.

Check out Loss Leads to Impiety as well as Phosphorus.

You can listen to and purchase Aenigmata right here.

Heavydeath: In Circles We Die

September 27, 2016

heavydeath cover.jpg

Sometimes the name of a band really does capture the sound of the music in which that band plays, and that is exactly the case for Heavydeath. Their name fits their style of music perfect and if the band were named anything different, it just wouldn’t cut it. Heavydeath combines both doom and death metal to create something that is anvil and bone shattering heavy. Their new offering is titled In Circles We Die and all throughout this release you get pummeled and submerged in massive amounts of buzzing and deadly metal. This record is eight songs and over one hour of soul shredding and brain buzzing metal and if you don’t prepare yourself for the onslaught before you listen, you may not make it out with your head.

In Circles We Die is a monolithic album and has all of the capacity and capability in the world to crush you under its weight. This new offering by these death bringers is a slow moving and bubbling mass of despair and darkness. As soon as you begin listening you get shrouded in a thick cloud of dismal smoke from which you cannot escape. In Circles We Die is a rolling death machine that drains anyone that comes across it of all life and will to live. Heavydeath is unapologetic in their approach to each song as each song is spirit crushingly heavy and draining.

As the songs pass you can feel yourself succumb to the massive weight of the album and sooner rather than later you will be crushed into dust. Heavydeath has created an album that is powerful and monstrous and all at the same time it is mesmerizing. Heavydeath sucks you into this album right from the beginning and until the last note sounds you can’t seem to peel yourself away from your speakers. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip as each and every one is a solid slab of metal that will stick in your head for days.

Not only is this record heavy and hypnotizing, but In Circles We Die also provides you with an atmosphere that is thick, dark and twisting. If the music itself doesn’t crush you like an ant the atmosphere that courses through each song certainly will. Each of the eight songs is injected with an abysmal and soul damning atmosphere that has you sink into deep and dark depths. This atmosphere combined with the eviscerating power of the music already provides you with a terrifying and ultimately abyssal listen.

As waves of fuzzed out and low tuned riffs crash upon you like tidal waves, thick and rumbling bass lines rattle your bones as pummeling drum work cracks your skull, and coming through the wall of death filled doom are the sinister and venomous vocals. The musicianship is hypnotic and you won’t be able to shake any of these songs-let alone this album-for quite some time. This release has a knack for embedding itself within your mind and having you play each song over and over again.

In Circles We Die is a monolithic release that packs well more than just a punch. This album provides you with plenty of metal and plenty to listen for as it warrants more than just one listen. Simply put, this is a record that you should keep your eyes skinned for.

Take a peek into the death that awaits you with the song As We Foretold.

In Circles We Die will be out November 25, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

To find all things Heavydeath be sure to check out their website.

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And you can find all things Iron Bonehead on their website and you can throw them a like as well on Facebook.

Jagged Mouth: Louring

September 27, 2016


Jagged Mouth may be a relatively new band to the scene, but they know how to blow up your speakers and rattle your brain straight out of your head still. Louring is the title of their debut full length and it consists of five brain numbing and reality altering blackened doom songs. This release not only aims to rattle your brain out of your skull, but it aims to turn it into soup completely as well as decimate everything else that stands in its path. Louring is a powerful, rumbling, utterly destructive and monstrous album that makes you feel incredibly small right off the bat.

Even at only five songs long, Louring towers over you and squashes you like a bug whenever it feels like it. The more you listen, the deeper you get buried under waves upon waves of buzzing metal and sooner rather than later you can’t dig your way out. Not only is this release unbelievably heavy but it is incredibly dark as well and that darkness envelopes you and suffocates you right as soon as you press play. There isn’t anywhere you can hide and the only place that you are able to sink back into is the darkest depths and recesses of your mind.

The combination of black metal and doom provides you with a sickeningly heavy and abyssal listen. Both genres are already heavy and abrasive on their own and together the combined sound is that much more heavy and that much more soul eviscerating. Not once does Jagged Mouth lay off of the gas and lay off the heavy as each song is just as heavy and punishing as the last. Each song does its very best to rip your head off and send you to an early and shallow grave and you’ll be lucky if that is all that happens to you.

Louring is filled to the bursting point with low, slow, down tuned and bone rattling riffs, earth quaking bass lines, rib cracking drumming and utterly sinister and hellish vocals. There isn’t a moment within this record where you aren’t being buried under massive amounts of buzzing chaos to the point where you finally collapse. The musicianship is on point and raw and combined with the raw production which adds a bit more of an edge, you get a sound that is wholly damning and mesmerizing all at the same time.

For a debut, this record is a massive one and with its colossal riffs and waves of buzzing ferocity, this album is bound to make its way into many heavy metal collections. Louring is a great listen and it keeps you listening for its entirety, and really this record deserves plenty of rotations.

Coming up in support of their new album Louring is a tour and you can find all of the dates below.

October 27th-  Launchpad – Albuquerque
October 28th-  The Flux – Colorado Spr
October 29th-  3 Kings Tavern-  Denver
October 30th-  TBA
October 31st-  TBA
November 1st-  The Kraken-  Seattle
November 2nd-  BloodShed- Portland
November 3rd-  TBA
November 4th-  TBA
November 5th- Golden Bull-  Oakland
November 6th-  The Blvd- LA
November 7th- The Complex- LA
November 8th-Sweet Springs Saloon CA
November 9th-Amigos Cantina-Ventura
November 10th-Timeout Lounge-Phoenix
November 11th-Sandbox-EL Paso
November 12th-The Underground- Santa Fe
Louring will be out October 28, 2016.

Warfist: Metal to the Bone

September 25, 2016


Black metal as well as thrash are chaotic and whiplash inducing genres naturally, and when you combine the two together what you get is something that isn’t just whiplash inducing, but also brain damaging since you can’t control how hard you headbang. With that being said, Metal to the Bone is the newest offering from Warfist and Warfist does combine both thrash and black metal. Metal to the Bone is nine total songs of pure blackened energy that is injected with the face shredding capabilities of thrash metal and the sound that is ultimately created out of the combination of those two genres is one of blackened fury.

As soon as you begin listening you get trapped in a maelstrom of blackened metal until the album is over. Metal to the Bone is a solid slab of metal that rumbles on from one song to the next scorching the earth behind it and decimating anyone that dares to stand in its way. This release is played at a blistering fast tempo and only on occasion does Warfist slow down and even that only lasts a few seconds before the onslaught of burning blackened thrash continues. There isn’t any fluff within this release and there isn’t any fillers, so what you get is face shredding metal all throughout and really you will be lucky if you are not flattened.

Metal to the Bone is a romping and flesh tearing album that doesn’t quit until you have been picked clean of your skin and flesh. Each song is a writhing and twisting mass of metal that is pumped full of lacerating riffs and rumbling bass lines. There isn’t a song on here that won’t melt your face and burn your soul to a charred crisp. Each song is terrifyingly venomous, detrimental and violent and they all beat you to a pulp without mercy. Warfist doesn’t ease you into this release, instead they shove you into a blackened pit of swirling madness right from the get go until the end of the album.

Warfist attacks you from all sides with slithering and poisonous riff, solid and downhill drumming and gravel filled commanding vocals. The musicianship on this record is tight and executed very well and the vocals are spot on and sound as though they could command their own horde of hellions. Each aspect of this album-including the production-is done very well and as a whole, the album is very cohesive and solid. Nothing seems out of place within this record and nothing seems forced as each and every element works together to provide you with a shredding effort.

Metal to the Bone is a slicing and calculated record that provides you with plenty of neck breaking material. This is a record that needs to be cranked well beyond what your speakers can handle and well beyond what your neighbors can handle as well. Metal to the Bone is a great neck twisting listen for fans of black metal, thrash metal and everything in between.

Metal to the Bone will be out October 30th through God Ov War Records.

Remote: Resilient

September 25, 2016

Resilient cover art

Hailing from France is Remote, and their style of play is hardcore mixed with dark noise and the sound that you get when those two are combined is something that is entirely chaotic and shredding. Not only does Remote try to destroy you with the sheer intensity of hardcore, but they also try to destroy your soul by adding that dark noise element which makes their music that much more oppressive and sinister. Resilient is a chaotic album that twists and turns to the point where you don’t know what kind of sound you will be getting next.

Resilient is a malicious album that is pumped full of rage and hate among other very negative elements, and when those are combined with oppressive, bleak and sinister music, you get a sound that is heavy and soul breaking. Upon listening you become shrouded in despair and utter darkness and you will be lucky if you come out of the dismal fog alive. This is a massive and immersive album for a hardcore album as it sucks you in and doesn’t let you leave until the final note has been played.

Right out of the gate, Resilient gets you headbanging with feverish intent until you snap your neck and bruise your brain. Each violent song rolls right on to the next never really giving you a break. Remote doesn’t stop as they do their best to steamroll you into oblivion, and each song is just as oppressive, violent and sinister as the last. You may need corrective surgery after you are done listening and done headbanging to this record, and the reason for that is that not only is Remote heavy-which is why you’re headbanging-but they change tempos and sounds at the drop of a hat.

Through each song Remote gives you a different look and sound so you never hear the same thing twice. Remote does a great job of mixing tempos and sounds and changing them at will so you never really know what you will be hearing from one minute to the next, which is why you may need corrective surgery after listening. You can be headbanging to one thing one moment, and the next you will have to switch and headbang at a different pace to match the music. Remote keeps you guessing and gives you something new and different to listen to with each and every song and that keeps you intrigued and listening all throughout.

Not only does Remote provide you with heavy and harsh sounds, but they provide you with dismal and bleak atmospheres as well. Each atmosphere that they provide for each song is just as potent and powerful as the chaotic hardcore is that they dish out. As I mentioned at the start, Remote not only try to break you by pummeling you repeatedly and relentlessly, but they try to break you with a harsh and detrimental atmosphere as well. With the harsh atmospheres coupled with the chaotic hardcore noise, you get a listen that is unique and all together heavy.

Overall, Resilient is a great listen and an interesting one at that. Remote provides you with many different layers to their sound and they make every single one of those layers and elements work together seamlessly to provide you with a great listen and a complete and cohesive album. Resilient is a heavy and harsh listen, and simply put, the listen is a great one.

Ruptured Birth: Transmutant

September 22, 2016

Image result for ruptured birth band

Ruptured Birth is on the verge of rupturing your ear drums with their new and debut full length titled Transmutant. Ruptured Birth was first formed in 2014 and their debut EP titled Arachni Supremacy was released the year after in 2015, and now two years after their inception, Ruptured Birth is set to release their bludgeoning debut album. This record is packed with nine songs of nothing but gut churning and head splitting brutal slamming death metal. Transmutant is a gurgling and blood spurting effort that leaves no one alive after its conclusion and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake wherever it is played.

After a brief intro Ruptured Birth throws you head first into the wood chipper. They waste no time getting you acclimated to the sheer brutality that they put out, and they waste no time taking your life from you either. After that intro on the opener Saprogenic, it’s all crushing and bone grinding brutal slamming death metal from there, and if you think you may be escaping with your life, just look at the cover art because that is what you may look like one listen. Ruptured Birth pumps as much gore and viscera filled brutal slamming death metal as they can through your speakers until they themselves explode.

With their brand of eviscerating sci-fi brutal slamming death metal, Ruptured Birth makes you feel as though you are being hunted down by blood thirsty hordes of celestial beasts. Transmutant is riddled with heavy brutal death songs that sheer flesh off of your bone and drain the marrow from your now defleshed bones. Each song is utterly devastating and played at speeds that make your head spin. Ruptured Birth not only play at face melting and skin bubbling speeds, but at the drop of a hat they break into ruthless and punishing slams that break bones and shatter vertebrate.

No matter whether you are getting pelted by ripping death metal or you are getting your skull caved in by powerful and unrelenting slams, you cannot deny that Transmutant is heavy. This release is anvil heavy and Ruptured Birth throws that heaviness around like it’s nothing. Each song they roll out is just as heavy and threatening as the last and they all steamroll you just the same. You can’t help but headbang right off the bat and if you don’t break your neck headbanging to the relentless brutal death, you will break your neck when a slam hits.

Transmutant is filled to the bursting point with tight yet melodic and devastating riffs, heavy and rumbling bass lines, down hill drumming and terrifying and throat ripping vocals. Ruptured Birth does their best to shred you to pieces and expunge you from the face of this planet. This is a devastating and and blood draining record that doesn’t quit until everyone and everything is deceased. Transmutant is a wrecking ball of an album and it would be damned if it didn’t destroy everything that it comes across.

Overall, this is a solid brutal slamming death record as it offers you everything you would want or need in such an album and simply it is a great headbanging and neck snapping listen.

Transmutant will be out tomorrow through CDN Records.

Yeti on Horseback: The Great Dying

September 21, 2016

Image result for yeti on horseback band

Low, slow, buzzing and apocalyptic is exactly the type of doom that Yeti on Horseback provides for you on their new release The Great Dying. As a matter of fact their slogan for the band is: “We tune low and play slow” and do they ever. The Great Dying is six total songs of nothing but glacial slow and soul ripping doom metal. Yeti On Horseback doesn’t go light on the heavy either as each song crushes you under waves of abyssal and dismal riffs until you are more than six feet under. The Great Dying is a roaring beast of an album that slowly rolls from one song to the next infecting you with intoxicating and sinister yet hypnotic doom.

This release sounds as though it spent some time submerged in a murky evil and all throughout the record darkness and oozing blasphemy pours out from your speakers. No matter what you do you become shrouded in a dismal darkness from which you cannot escape. The Great Dying is a slow moving mass of apocalyptic gloom that does its best to shroud you and everything around you in utter darkness and poisonous fog. Wherever this record is played it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake and it carries on spreading the buzzing and annihilating sound of doom.

As soon as you pop this CD in you get hit by a massive wall of buzzing sound that does a great job of flattening you without warning. The Great Dying is filled to the brim with buzzing and fuzz filled music so much so that your brain ends up getting jarred out of your skull and your speakers get stopped up. There is no denying that this release is a monstrous one, and not only because the songs are long, but because of the unique and ear drum bursting massive sound that Yeti On Horseback emits. Each song is just as heavy, loud, sinister and buzzing as the last and they are entirely unapologetic have no qualms about ripping your soul to shreds.

The Great Dying is riddled with low, slow, buzzing and devastating riffs that cascade down upon you like tidal waves only to be coupled with bass lines that have the capacity to shake the earth, and alongside the guitars are the drums that are just as solid and heavy. Forcing their way through the thick slab of buzzing doom are the vocals that are demonically screamed at you from what seems to be the bottomless pit that is hell. With everything combined, Yeti On Horseback has created an album that is bleak, abyssal and truly terrifying as it sucks you into the pitch black atmospheres and poisonous soundscapes that it creates.

This is one hell of a solid debut album, and if these doom bringers bring this kind of sound and this kind of raw doom power to the table already, it’s exciting to see what the future could hold. For now we have The Great Dying though, and this album provides you with enough doom to last you for the rest of the year and then some. This album is fucking heavy and that is truly undeniable as it gives of a destructive and monolithic sound. The Great Dying is for any fan of doom and if you are you should keep your eyes open for it and mark the date on your calendar.

The Great Dying will be out October 1 through Medusa Crush Recordings.

Aggravator: Sterile Existence

September 20, 2016


Out today is Sterile Existence from thrash monsters Aggravator, and if you are looking for some good neck twisting, violent and utterly destructive thrash, then you don’t have to look any further than this record right here. Sterile Existence is nine total songs of pure thrash that just about kicks your teeth out every chance it gets and even when it does finally knock your teeth out it doesn’t stop there. This record is a shredding monster and one song rolls right after another and they just don’t quit until you are out cold.

Sterile Existence is a blitzkrieg of metal as it just doesn’t stop pumping songs out. There is no filler and there is no fluff with this record, so what you get is nine tracks of blistering and raw thrash metal in a pure form. Each song is skin shredding and face melting and Aggravator will be damned if they don’t melt your skin straight off of your flesh and your flesh from your bone. Aggravator hits hard and hits often with this record as they provide you with thrashing, heavy and violent thrash metal.

This is the type of album that gets your adrenaline going and if you just so happen to be listening to this while driving, be prepared to be pulled over countless times. Sterile Existence only has one speed and that is mach five and anything slower is utter blasphemy. Not only do you feel the need to speed when playing this, but you feel the need to crank this as high as you can take it and as high as your speakers can go until your house itself crumbles. This is a release that needs to be played as loud as you can withstand it and as often as you can until you burn a hole in the disc.

Aggravator pumps this record full of groove filled and yet neck breaking riffs, solid acrobatic drumming, anvil heavy bass lines and vicious vocals that are growled with the intent to kill. Sterile Existence is a monstrous album that provides you with a whiplash inducing sound and no matter the severity of your whiplash from headbanging so much you just can’t stop listening until your head finally pops off of your shoulders. The overall sound and production of this record is solid and with that combined with the stellar musicianship, you get a great record that you end up listening to over and over again.

This is one hell of a thrash record and it has everything in it that you could possibly want in a thrash release. It has some riff wizardry along side scorching solos, heavy grooves, great vocals and it gets you up and trying to incite your own mosh pit. In short, this is a great listen that provides you with brain bruising metal.

Lectern: Percept of Delator

September 20, 2016


Death metal aficionados Lectern are back with a brand new slab of gurgling and blood boiling death metal. Their newest release is titled Precept of Delator and it is riddled with death metal madness. This new record is packed with nine destructive and skin shredding songs that do their best to steal your life from you. Lectern are no strangers to death metal of course as they have been around since 1999 and have been churning out meat grinding records ever since and this one is no different. Precept of Delator is a monstrous album that makes you feel inferior right from the get go and not only that but it tears you to shreds turning you into meat chunks to be fed to the vultures.

Lectern make it well known right from the beginning that they aren’t fucking around and that what you are going to get is pure eviscerating death metal. These savages shoot right out of the gate like a bat straight from hell and they don’t stop until everything and everyone is a bleeding pulpy mess. The longer you listen and the deeper you wander into this labyrinth of death the more you get covered in fetid blood and rotted corpses and after it is all said and done, you enter the labyrinth again to revel in all of the filth.

Precept of Delator really is a monstrous and massive death metal album and through each song you get a terrifying and bone splintering sound. If you don’t succumb to the sheer weight of this record from the beginning, you will sooner rather than later as it crushes you and turns you into a bloody nightmare. Precept of Delator makes you feel as though you are getting stalked by a psychotic that could take your life at any time. Lectern not only revels in filth and gore, but they’re also completely sinister and purely evil through and through which gives you an even heavier and demonic sound.

This record bombards you with gut ripping and buzzing riffs, down hill cranium imploding drumming, organ rupturing bass lines and vocals that sound as though the lead growler just downed a gallon of crimson. The musicianship is on point and technical and the production is raw and the songwriting is great and with everything sewed together in a cacophony of sickness, what you get is utterly savage and barbaric death metal.

Precept of Delator is an album that just smashes your teeth down your throat with a brick and doesn’t look back as it goes on to steamroll the next person that dares stand in its way. More than just carnage and destruction, this release is a monster and a headbanging one that gets you to come back for more and more sickness.

Precept of Delator will be out through Via Nocturna September 30.

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