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Polyptych: Defying the Metastasis

September 3, 2016

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While listening to an album, that album becomes that much more memorable when the band gets the listener involved and gets them wrapped up in the music, and that is exactly what Polyptych has done with their newest offering Defying the Metastasis. Polyptych gets you involved and engrossed in this new record immediately and keeps your attention and keeps you intrigued throughout. Not only is the music itself what captivates you, but the message that Polyptych is trying to get across with this release makes it interesting as well. Defying the Metastasis circles around the idea of a totalitarian world and the struggles that lie within for the masses and combating the evils of this totalitarian world.

What you get with this new record is something that is wholly immersive as it gets you engaged immediately. Not only do you get engaged by headbanging right off the bat, but Polyptych gets you involved by listening to the lyrics and listening for the different genres that they pull from. All throughout this eleven track record you can’t seem to peel yourself away from your speakers or take your headphones out of your hears as Defying the Metastasis is a captivating, intriguing and ultimately heavy listen.

Polyptych plays a unique brand of progressive death metal as they draw from different genres to create their sound. None of the eleven songs on this record sound anything alike, as Polyptych does a great job of keeping you on your toes from song to song and even within the same song they change up their sound. There are a lot off moving parts within this release and Polyptych does a great job of combining them all together to create a cohesive and heavy sound.

Not only does Polyptych get you involved with the record early on by blasting out your speakers and getting you to headbang, but they get you interested and listening with the vast soundscapes that they provide. Defying the Metastasis provides you with immense and expansive soundscapes that make you feel as though you are in this album taking a stand against all of the evils that this totalitarian world that Polyptych has created. You get wrapped up in this record almost immediately as you get injected right into the story yourself.

All throughout the listen you get incredible and technical musicianship, powerful and commanding vocals as well as a sinister and bleak atmosphere. All of that to go along with the great production makes for a listen that isn’t soon forgettable. Polyptych invites you in with heavy and technical progressive death metal and makes you stay with their great story telling and compelling lyrics, and when one listen is over you feel compelled to listen over and over again.

Overall, Defying the Metastasis is a monster of an album and deserves to be played as loud as it can. With great song writing, musicianship and production this release is a progressive death metal juggernaut that should be on everyone’s radar.

Defying the Metastasis will be out through Blood Harvest Records on October 14, 2016.

Check out a track from the upcoming album Defying the Metastasis.

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