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Life’s December: Fatigue

September 4, 2016


Deathcore as a whole is stagnant and stale as most bands sound exactly alike and the bands that are trying to break that mold are far and few between. One band that is trying to break that monotonous mold is Life’s December and with their new record titled Fatigue they do a pretty good job a separating themselves from the pack. Life’s December doesn’t just play deathcore as they add in a few different genres such as death metal and djent to create more of a unique sound. Not only do they add several different genres to their style of play, Life’s December even adds a couple of beats that draw inspiration from rap.

With several different genres-including some rap style beats-Life’s December does a great job of sewing everything together to create a cohesive sound. Everything works together very well and nothing feels forced at all. At the base of this record is deathcore, so what you get for the majority of the listen is straight up deathcore, but sprinkled into each and every song is plenty of genres to give the listener plenty of variation and plenty to chew on. Fatigue is a very diverse album and it really makes you listen to everything carefully and has you listen a couple of times to let everything sink in properly.

Fatigue is an interesting listen and if you were expecting nothing but deathcore, then you are in for quite a surprise. Life’s December mixes and matches genres and sounds with ease creating a vast listening experience that isn’t very easily forgettable. Each song has something about it that makes the listen memorable and with that being said, Fatigue is a memorable album. Life’s December gives you something that is much more than deathcore and more than just breakdowns. They give you an immersive listen that gets you intrigued and involved from the very beginning and that leads to numerous listens.

Not only does Life’s December bring you a sound that is very heavy, but they also give you melancholic sounds and atmospheres as well. Fatigue gives you songs that are heavy and angry, but all at the same time it provides you with songs that are more emotional and melancholic. So, not only is Fatigue diverse in the sense that it provides you with numerous genres to listen for, but it is diverse in the way that it provides you with songs of anger as well as songs of melancholy. Life’s December switches emotions on you at the drop of a hat so with each passing minute you don’t fully know what you will be getting.

One thing that you can always count on from song to song is that each one will be heavy. With massive riffs, heavy breakdowns and rib caving drumming you get a sound that doesn’t skimp on the heavy. The vocals that protrude from the wall of deathcore noise are ones that give you variety as well as they transition between growls, screeches, half yelled and sung vocals and even the occasional pig squeal. Diversity courses through the veins of this record and that is what sets is apart from every other deathcore record.

Fatigue is a solid record that has a ton to offer and offers it to you all at once. You can’t ever really get bored listening as each song is constantly changing and shifting directions. You get a lot of content packed into this one record-and even a twenty-two minute expansive closer- but with each element that is present here, Life’s December has found a place for all of them providing you with a varied and very memorable listen.


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