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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Black Tomb: S/T

September 6, 2016


Covered in a thick layer of buzzing riffs and more than enough fuzz to blow out your speakers is Black Tomb and their self titled debut full length. Black Tomb plays a sinister and incredibly dark brand of doom that sucks you into the abyss never to be seen again. Each of their songs is coated in molten darkness and riddled with buzzing groove filled riffs and from the first note on you become hooked and ultimately lost in the abysmal atmosphere that they create. Black Tomb gives you a sound that is massive and terrifyingly heavy and as the wall of buzzing noise pours from your speakers, you can’t help but to headbang and get lost in the pitch black atmospheres and soundscapes that they provide.

From the beginning on you get buffeted by a wall of buzzing doom noise that comes crashing down on you all at once. This self titled release is heavy and as the album goes on it just gets heavier and heavier until you are buried six feet under without realizing it. Black Tomb doesn’t ease you into the sonic mass of metal either as they start you off with buzzing reverberation and immediately after you get pushed headfirst into buzzing soundscapes and dismal and grim atmospheres. As soon as the first note sounds, you understand that the listen you are embarking on is one that is heavy and dark enough to suck all of the light out of the room you happen to be in.

No matter how dark, sinister or how heavy and poisonous the atmosphere is, this record is undeniably intoxicating for a number of reasons. As mentioned, you get plenty of atmosphere, you get groove and fuzz filled riffs coupled with slick solos, brain vibrating bass lines, venomous vocals and with everything sewn together in a sickening doomed package you get an album that you can’t stop listening to. And even though this is a doom record and most of the songs are on the longer side, it never feels as though it takes a while to get through any of the songs. You end up becoming engrossed in the music and lost in the vibrating and buzzing soundscapes that the album ends before you realize.

As one song flows to the next you never really get a break from all of the fuzzed out and speaker destroying madness. Half way through the record you get an interlude that lasts about a minute before you get thrust right back into even more devastating doom. This record is a monster and it looms large and demands all of your attention and when it gets it, it does a great job of keeping it. This release is well put together, the songs are crafted very well and with the raw but clean production you get a sound that is undeniable. Black Tomb has created a sound that is heavy, intoxicating and highly memorable, and this record is one for any doom fan and if you are, you should have this on your list to check out.

Black Tomb puts everything in this record that you would hope to hear. Groove laden and fuzzed out riffs, heavy bass lines, solid drumming, poison laced vocals and an atmosphere that could choke a horse. This is meant to be played loud until your speakers burst and your neighbors windows shatter, and as mentioned above, if you are even remotely a fan of doom or if you are a die hard fan, this release will give you your doom fix and then some.

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