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Shadecrown: Agonia

September 7, 2016


Shadecrown is a band that you can’t exactly pigeonhole as they add numerous genres to their style to create a unique sound. Within their newest effort titled Agonia you get doom, death metal, thrash and even more and when all of those are combined what you get is a whirlwind of metal. More often than not you don’t know that sound will be pouring through your speakers next. Shadecrown keeps you guessing all throughout this record and from one song to the next you never get the same sound, and even within the same song they keep you guessing. Shadecrown weaves plenty of genres together that may or may not seem like they fit, but they all fit here and provide you with a heavy sound that isn’t easily forgettable.

Each song in Agonia is crafted very well and each genre that is present within this release is mixed very well together with the others. Nothing in this record seems cluttered or seems to be to much as Shadecrown balances everything out very well and executes each song and genre with ease. Even with so many things going on in this record, it still is highly memorable as it sticks with you and in your head for quite some time. Agonia isn’t a record that goes away very easily as it warrants numerous listens and not only that but these songs have a tendency to get stuck in your head.

Agonia keeps you on the edge of your seat as well as they transition from genre to genre at the drop of a hat. With ease they transition between death metal and doom and between doom and thrash and all the way back again. From one song to the next and from minute to minute you don’t know what sound you will be getting next and that makes this record that much more captivating. Agonia keeps your attention and never lets it go for a second until the final song has concluded and it does it with wondrous atmospheres, heavy riffs, melancholic doom and great song writing.

Each song is riddled with great musicianship and that great musicianship is that much more impressive since Shadecrown stops and starts genres in the blink of an eye. You are supplied with riffs that are both neck snapping and melancholic, drumming that is both rib cracking and rhythmic and vocals that are both a devastating growl which at times give way to heavenly cleans. At any given moment you can get any variation of what was just listed and no matter what the combination is you get solid, heavy and memorable metal.

This release from these Finnish metallers is an interesting listen and a good one all the same. You get plenty of variation within this release, so no matter whether you are a doom fan, death metal fan, thrash or otherwise there is something in here for everyone. More than that though, this is just a solid release that warrants plenty of listens.

Agonia will be out October 21, 2016 through Inverse Records.

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