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Spore Lord: In the Beginning

September 7, 2016

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Combining numerous heavy metal genres that make you hallucinate and trip without taking drugs is Spore Lord and rising up from the smoke with them is their debut album titled In the Beginning. The album cover is a good indication of what you will become or what you will see when you embark on your journey through In the Beginning. This debut full length is packed full with eight songs that combine doom, stoner metal and a hint of sludge to provide you with a great trip. No matter which genre you decide that Spore Lord happens to belong to it doesn’t matter, the thing that does matter is whether they play rocking tunes to sit and stare into space to, and that is exactly what they do.

As soon as you start In the Beginning you know that you are in for a hallucinogenic yet smooth and fuzzed out ride through vivid soundscapes and wondrous atmospheres. And all throughout this record Spore Lord heaps piles of eye popping visuals and buzzing soundscapes upon you. Once you begin you end up becoming trapped within the acid washed world of Spore Lord and you don’t leave until you completely have had your fill of buzzing goodness.

In the Beginning is a brain jarring and numbing experience all at the same time. This record is jarring in a good way of course as it buzzes and rattles your brain all around in your brain bucket due to all of the slick riff wizardry that takes place. The numbing comes in to play because you just end up headbanging and rocking out so hard that you just can’t seem to remember if you had a brain or if you left it on the last stop out of In the Beginning.

This is a record that is riddled with infectious grooves that you end up riding to different vivid soundscapes and atmospheres. In the Beginning gets you lost within its sound waves and takes you to places you have never been before. Spore Lord does a great job of captivating you and keeping your attention all throughout. There is a ton going on within this record that it warrants more than one listen so you can soak in all of the buzzing and hallucinatory sounds.

There isn’t a song on here that you would wish you could skip. Each song is purely intoxicating and incredibly memorable and once you finish you need your fix again right away. In the Beginning is a great album that gets you rocking, headbanging and it even gets you to bust the air guitar out like no one is watching. This is one solid album, and if anyone is a fan of heavy metal, they would be wise to pick this up. So I say, pick up that bong, load it up and crank this as loud as your speakers will allow.

In the Beginning will be out December 2, 2016.

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