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Rotten UK: That Is Not Dead

September 10, 2016

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It isn’t very often that you hear a punk band that really sounds different than all the rest or a punk band that really brings something different to the table. That is where Rotten UK comes in. Even though they are playing an old-school style of music which is classified as UK 82, they still add their own twists and nuances to the genre to make it entirely their own. And while UK 82 is the main staple of their sound, Rotten UK adds in death rock among other old-school genres to create a sound that is rooted in the eighties, but even so Rotten UK isn’t here to appease anyone that is looking for a band with that sound.

With That Is Not Dead Rotten UK provides you with a filthy, gloomy and dark listen that is incredibly infectious. When listening you can feel yourself getting covered in the grit and grime of the eighties and the filth of pure punk madness. That Is Not Dead is fourteen writhing songs that get you headbanging, rocking and starting riots right off the bat. That Is Not Dead is a straight shot of adrenaline and punk to your veins and you have no choice but to headbang and create as much mayhem as possible.

After the brief song Phantasmagoric is over and Revolution Moon begins the album really gets shot out of a cannon and from then on it rolls and steamrolls you into a punk oblivion. Each song on this record is relatively short, so you take a short beating from one song and immediately move on to the next to get pummeled even more. Each of the fourteen songs is gritty and filled with enough anarchy to overthrow just about any government and filled with enough for you to incite riots and take over your own town.

That Is Not Dead is riddled with filthy riffs, ritualistic drumming, heavy bass lines and vocals that are yelled at you from every angle. The great song writing paired with naturally dark and sinister overtones makes for a grimy listen that gets you to come back over and over again. This album gets under your skin in a good way and infects your mind with everything punk. That Is Not Dead warrants many rotations as it is a solid record that is packed with songs that are highly entertaining and just as volatile.

Rotten UK truly is rotten and brings that old-school sound to life to give you a sound that is raw and visceral. You just can’t go wrong with That Is Not Dead if you are a fan of punk of just a fan of metal in general as it is a solid slab of punk fury.

That Is Not Dead will be out on Hells Headbangers on November 11, 2016.

You can find That Is Not Dead right on Bandcamp.

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