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Disconnect: The Sum of Our Parts

September 14, 2016

The Sum Of Our Parts cover art

Bands are constantly trying to push the envelope and create something new and unique, and one of the bands to do so is Disconnect. The Sum of Our Parts is eight total songs of blended metal that includes black metal, doom, industrial and death metal and with every genre combined Disconnect creates a sound that is unique and just as heavy as it is unique. The Sum of Our Parts is an interesting album that takes a few listens to let everything sink in, but once it does you can’t stop listening. Disconnect grabs you right from the get go and never lets you go until the album is finished and even when it is The Sum of Our Parts still floats around in your head for quite some time.

Even though there are many different elements to this record, Disconnect weaves them all together effortlessly. Nothing on this record seems forced at all and nothing is out of place as everything is blended together very well to create a unique sound. Disconnect transitions between genres with ease as they flow from doom to black metal to death metal and back again without skipping a beat. From one minute to the next you don’t know what sound you are about to get and that makes the listen that much more enjoyable.

There are a ridiculous amount of layers to The Sum of Our Parts and this record warrants more than a few listens to fully let everything sink in. This release does a great job of keeping you engaged and keeping your attention all the way through. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel compelled to skip as each one of them is just as heavy and unique as the last. As the album rolls along you feel yourself getting dragged deeper and deeper into the record and before you know it you are ten listens deep with no signs of stopping.

The musicianship isn’t the only thing that makes you stay for the entirety of this release as the atmosphere plays a part as well. Disconnect mixes light and heavy atmospheres together as well as industrial elements to create vast soundscapes and intriguing atmospheres. Within a lot of the songs on this record you will hear ethereal sounds in the background that are coupled with piercing black metal or sluggish soul collapsing doom and in others you will find a cold industrial atmosphere.

As a whole, The Sum of Our Parts is a captivating listen and an all around interesting listening experience. You get a massive amount of content piled into just eight songs, and what you get is a mixture of dark and light themes, heavy and lighter yet still sinister sounds, and atmospheres that writhe and twist to whatever genre it is that is playing at the time. The Sum of Our Parts provides you with a listen that isn’t soon forgettable as it works its way into your brain and manifests itself there for time to come.

The Sum of Our Parts is diverse and varied and the more times that you listen the more you can spot and point out. There is a lot of working parts to this record and yet Disconnect makes it all work seamlessly and effortlessly. Simply put, this album is a great listen. It has just about everything in it from black metal to doom to death metal to industrial to wondrous and bleak soundscapes to thick atmospheres and so much more. Once you press play you simply can’t stop listening.

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