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Swine Overlord: Entheogenesis

September 17, 2016

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Parables of Umbral Transcendence has been waiting a successor for a while and now the wait is over as Swine Overlord is on the unleash Entheogenesis upon the world. This new release is fourteen songs of pure brutality and bone splintering brutal death metal, and not only that but this album is a concept album that takes a looks into the human psyche. Entheogenesis is a dark and twisting album that provides you with uncompromising brutality as well as a progressive edge. This isn’t just a run of the mill kind of brutal death metal album as Swine Overlord sews in plenty of different elements to provide you with a unique and heavy listen.

This entire release is crafted very well and it all flows together expertly creating a cohesive narrative which makes you listen with even more intent and makes you want to listen over and over again for things that you may have missed. There is a lot going on in this record and as mentioned before this isn’t just a straight up and down brutal death metal album. Swine Overlord weaves progressive tendencies into each song as well which expands their sound and gives you vast and bleak soundscapes all at the same time.

At the beginning of the majority of the songs that are packed within this release you get a brooding and dismal intro before the utterly savage and barbaric brutal death metal crashes down upon you. Entheogenesis has three interludes as well that aren’t brutal death at all, instead they are more serene and help set a certain tone for what is about to come. The atmospheres that Swine Overlord provides you with in this record are dark and grim and they even get you to sink back into the darkest recesses of your mind before you try to make the ascent out of that place.

Each song is utterly devastating and since Swine Overlord provides you with these brooding and sinister intros, you don’t know when you are about to get hurtled into the chaos that is the rib caving brutal death metal. Entheogenesis is riddled with manic riffs, pummeling drumming, thunderous bass lines and vocals that are just as gritty and bloody as the rest of the music. With all of the crushing musicianship comes heavy and brain imploding slams. Entheogenesis is an intense listen that gets you to sink back into the darkest depths of you psyche and all at the same time it beats you within an inch of your life.

Entheogenesis is a twisting and punishing slab of brutal death metal that just doesn’t quit until everyone is bled dry. This is a bulldozer of a record that will flatten you if you aren’t prepared and even if you are you still will be buried under mountains of bodies in a shallow grave. Swine Overlord doesn’t skimp on the heavy on this record and you will be lucky if you leave a listen with all of you in one piece. Not only is this release unbelievably heavy, but it’s also incredibly memorable and after listening you just simply can’t shake this album.

This new slab of bleeding brutality is the proper follow up to Parables of Umbral Transcendence. Entheogenesis has everything in it from an apocalyptic sound, vast and grim soundscapes, earth shattering slams, great song writing and great production. You couldn’t ask for more to be put into this record and with that said, quite simply put, Swine Overlord has created one fuck of a masterful brutal death record.

Entheogenesis will be out through Gore House Productions on September 23.

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