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Possessor: Dead By Dawn

September 19, 2016

Dead By Dawn cover art

Hailing from London is Possessor and the brand of metal that they play is a unique and interesting one. Possessor sound as though they are a fast tempo doom band but all at the same time they incorporate some thrash and acid washed sludge as well. Possessor is a difficult band to pigeonhole into one single genre since they mix numerous genres together to create a unique and diverse listening experience. No matter what genre you think that Possessor belongs in, one thing is true for sure and that is that their newest offering Dead By Dawn is a rocking and incredibly intoxicating listen.

Dead By Dawn doesn’t waste anyone’s time with anything other than rocking metal, as it gets you right into the thick of things and gets you headbanging early on. Possessor provides you with a listen that is undeniable and catchy and no matter how hard you try to not have these songs stuck in your head, they ultimately will reside in your brain for quite some time. There is no fluff within this record and what you get with this listen is nine rocking and heavy songs that bury you under clouds of smoke and a trip down occult lane.

As mentioned, the sound that Possessor provides you with is one that is reminiscent of doom but played up tempo. Dead By Dawn is a fuzzed out machine that does its best to blow out your speaker and stop up your ear drums with plenty of droning and romping music. As Dead By Dawn rolls on you get buried under an avalanche of fuzz and that avalanche keeps coming and coming until the last note sounds off. From the first note until the last you brain does its best to not rattle right out of your skull and that’s a pretty tough task to manage.

This record provides you with acid washed and vivid soundscapes that you get lost in almost immediately. Much sooner rather than later you get wrapped up in the music as Possessor pulls you in to their buzzing house of horror. Dead By Dawn gives you a sound that is injected with the macabre and all at the same time it is influenced by horror and what you get are dark and grim soundscapes that you just can’t seem to leave. As heavy and rocking as this record is, it has a quality to it that is haunting all at the same time and that is yet another factor that makes this record stick with you well after you are finished listening.

More than just the atmosphere is the musicianship and all throughout this record you get bombarded by slithering and buzzing riffs only to have your brain turned to mush with jarring bass lines as your chest gets pummeled along side the drum kit. The vocals that waft through the smoke are just as fuzzed out as the riffs and provide a certain haunting dissonance to the music. Possessor takes that classic sound from the seventies, adds modern touches to it along with twisting darkness and what you get is a romping listen that sticks with you.

Overall, Dead By Dawn is a great listen as it gets you headbanging early, provides you with sinister and memorable riffs as well as great production and songwriting. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip as each and every song is a solid slab of burning metal, and with that said, in short, this is a great record.


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