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Aggravator: Sterile Existence

September 20, 2016


Out today is Sterile Existence from thrash monsters Aggravator, and if you are looking for some good neck twisting, violent and utterly destructive thrash, then you don’t have to look any further than this record right here. Sterile Existence is nine total songs of pure thrash that just about kicks your teeth out every chance it gets and even when it does finally knock your teeth out it doesn’t stop there. This record is a shredding monster and one song rolls right after another and they just don’t quit until you are out cold.

Sterile Existence is a blitzkrieg of metal as it just doesn’t stop pumping songs out. There is no filler and there is no fluff with this record, so what you get is nine tracks of blistering and raw thrash metal in a pure form. Each song is skin shredding and face melting and Aggravator will be damned if they don’t melt your skin straight off of your flesh and your flesh from your bone. Aggravator hits hard and hits often with this record as they provide you with thrashing, heavy and violent thrash metal.

This is the type of album that gets your adrenaline going and if you just so happen to be listening to this while driving, be prepared to be pulled over countless times. Sterile Existence only has one speed and that is mach five and anything slower is utter blasphemy. Not only do you feel the need to speed when playing this, but you feel the need to crank this as high as you can take it and as high as your speakers can go until your house itself crumbles. This is a release that needs to be played as loud as you can withstand it and as often as you can until you burn a hole in the disc.

Aggravator pumps this record full of groove filled and yet neck breaking riffs, solid acrobatic drumming, anvil heavy bass lines and vicious vocals that are growled with the intent to kill. Sterile Existence is a monstrous album that provides you with a whiplash inducing sound and no matter the severity of your whiplash from headbanging so much you just can’t stop listening until your head finally pops off of your shoulders. The overall sound and production of this record is solid and with that combined with the stellar musicianship, you get a great record that you end up listening to over and over again.

This is one hell of a thrash record and it has everything in it that you could possibly want in a thrash release. It has some riff wizardry along side scorching solos, heavy grooves, great vocals and it gets you up and trying to incite your own mosh pit. In short, this is a great listen that provides you with brain bruising metal.

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