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Yeti on Horseback: The Great Dying

September 21, 2016

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Low, slow, buzzing and apocalyptic is exactly the type of doom that Yeti on Horseback provides for you on their new release The Great Dying. As a matter of fact their slogan for the band is: “We tune low and play slow” and do they ever. The Great Dying is six total songs of nothing but glacial slow and soul ripping doom metal. Yeti On Horseback doesn’t go light on the heavy either as each song crushes you under waves of abyssal and dismal riffs until you are more than six feet under. The Great Dying is a roaring beast of an album that slowly rolls from one song to the next infecting you with intoxicating and sinister yet hypnotic doom.

This release sounds as though it spent some time submerged in a murky evil and all throughout the record darkness and oozing blasphemy pours out from your speakers. No matter what you do you become shrouded in a dismal darkness from which you cannot escape. The Great Dying is a slow moving mass of apocalyptic gloom that does its best to shroud you and everything around you in utter darkness and poisonous fog. Wherever this record is played it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake and it carries on spreading the buzzing and annihilating sound of doom.

As soon as you pop this CD in you get hit by a massive wall of buzzing sound that does a great job of flattening you without warning. The Great Dying is filled to the brim with buzzing and fuzz filled music so much so that your brain ends up getting jarred out of your skull and your speakers get stopped up. There is no denying that this release is a monstrous one, and not only because the songs are long, but because of the unique and ear drum bursting massive sound that Yeti On Horseback emits. Each song is just as heavy, loud, sinister and buzzing as the last and they are entirely unapologetic have no qualms about ripping your soul to shreds.

The Great Dying is riddled with low, slow, buzzing and devastating riffs that cascade down upon you like tidal waves only to be coupled with bass lines that have the capacity to shake the earth, and alongside the guitars are the drums that are just as solid and heavy. Forcing their way through the thick slab of buzzing doom are the vocals that are demonically screamed at you from what seems to be the bottomless pit that is hell. With everything combined, Yeti On Horseback has created an album that is bleak, abyssal and truly terrifying as it sucks you into the pitch black atmospheres and poisonous soundscapes that it creates.

This is one hell of a solid debut album, and if these doom bringers bring this kind of sound and this kind of raw doom power to the table already, it’s exciting to see what the future could hold. For now we have The Great Dying though, and this album provides you with enough doom to last you for the rest of the year and then some. This album is fucking heavy and that is truly undeniable as it gives of a destructive and monolithic sound. The Great Dying is for any fan of doom and if you are you should keep your eyes open for it and mark the date on your calendar.

The Great Dying will be out October 1 through Medusa Crush Recordings.

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