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Ruptured Birth: Transmutant

September 22, 2016

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Ruptured Birth is on the verge of rupturing your ear drums with their new and debut full length titled Transmutant. Ruptured Birth was first formed in 2014 and their debut EP titled Arachni Supremacy was released the year after in 2015, and now two years after their inception, Ruptured Birth is set to release their bludgeoning debut album. This record is packed with nine songs of nothing but gut churning and head splitting brutal slamming death metal. Transmutant is a gurgling and blood spurting effort that leaves no one alive after its conclusion and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake wherever it is played.

After a brief intro Ruptured Birth throws you head first into the wood chipper. They waste no time getting you acclimated to the sheer brutality that they put out, and they waste no time taking your life from you either. After that intro on the opener Saprogenic, it’s all crushing and bone grinding brutal slamming death metal from there, and if you think you may be escaping with your life, just look at the cover art because that is what you may look like one listen. Ruptured Birth pumps as much gore and viscera filled brutal slamming death metal as they can through your speakers until they themselves explode.

With their brand of eviscerating sci-fi brutal slamming death metal, Ruptured Birth makes you feel as though you are being hunted down by blood thirsty hordes of celestial beasts. Transmutant is riddled with heavy brutal death songs that sheer flesh off of your bone and drain the marrow from your now defleshed bones. Each song is utterly devastating and played at speeds that make your head spin. Ruptured Birth not only play at face melting and skin bubbling speeds, but at the drop of a hat they break into ruthless and punishing slams that break bones and shatter vertebrate.

No matter whether you are getting pelted by ripping death metal or you are getting your skull caved in by powerful and unrelenting slams, you cannot deny that Transmutant is heavy. This release is anvil heavy and Ruptured Birth throws that heaviness around like it’s nothing. Each song they roll out is just as heavy and threatening as the last and they all steamroll you just the same. You can’t help but headbang right off the bat and if you don’t break your neck headbanging to the relentless brutal death, you will break your neck when a slam hits.

Transmutant is filled to the bursting point with tight yet melodic and devastating riffs, heavy and rumbling bass lines, down hill drumming and terrifying and throat ripping vocals. Ruptured Birth does their best to shred you to pieces and expunge you from the face of this planet. This is a devastating and and blood draining record that doesn’t quit until everyone and everything is deceased. Transmutant is a wrecking ball of an album and it would be damned if it didn’t destroy everything that it comes across.

Overall, this is a solid brutal slamming death record as it offers you everything you would want or need in such an album and simply it is a great headbanging and neck snapping listen.

Transmutant will be out tomorrow through CDN Records.

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