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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Warfist: Metal to the Bone

September 25, 2016


Black metal as well as thrash are chaotic and whiplash inducing genres naturally, and when you combine the two together what you get is something that isn’t just whiplash inducing, but also brain damaging since you can’t control how hard you headbang. With that being said, Metal to the Bone is the newest offering from Warfist and Warfist does combine both thrash and black metal. Metal to the Bone is nine total songs of pure blackened energy that is injected with the face shredding capabilities of thrash metal and the sound that is ultimately created out of the combination of those two genres is one of blackened fury.

As soon as you begin listening you get trapped in a maelstrom of blackened metal until the album is over. Metal to the Bone is a solid slab of metal that rumbles on from one song to the next scorching the earth behind it and decimating anyone that dares to stand in its way. This release is played at a blistering fast tempo and only on occasion does Warfist slow down and even that only lasts a few seconds before the onslaught of burning blackened thrash continues. There isn’t any fluff within this release and there isn’t any fillers, so what you get is face shredding metal all throughout and really you will be lucky if you are not flattened.

Metal to the Bone is a romping and flesh tearing album that doesn’t quit until you have been picked clean of your skin and flesh. Each song is a writhing and twisting mass of metal that is pumped full of lacerating riffs and rumbling bass lines. There isn’t a song on here that won’t melt your face and burn your soul to a charred crisp. Each song is terrifyingly venomous, detrimental and violent and they all beat you to a pulp without mercy. Warfist doesn’t ease you into this release, instead they shove you into a blackened pit of swirling madness right from the get go until the end of the album.

Warfist attacks you from all sides with slithering and poisonous riff, solid and downhill drumming and gravel filled commanding vocals. The musicianship on this record is tight and executed very well and the vocals are spot on and sound as though they could command their own horde of hellions. Each aspect of this album-including the production-is done very well and as a whole, the album is very cohesive and solid. Nothing seems out of place within this record and nothing seems forced as each and every element works together to provide you with a shredding effort.

Metal to the Bone is a slicing and calculated record that provides you with plenty of neck breaking material. This is a record that needs to be cranked well beyond what your speakers can handle and well beyond what your neighbors can handle as well. Metal to the Bone is a great neck twisting listen for fans of black metal, thrash metal and everything in between.

Metal to the Bone will be out October 30th through God Ov War Records.

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