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Heavydeath: In Circles We Die

September 27, 2016

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Sometimes the name of a band really does capture the sound of the music in which that band plays, and that is exactly the case for Heavydeath. Their name fits their style of music perfect and if the band were named anything different, it just wouldn’t cut it. Heavydeath combines both doom and death metal to create something that is anvil and bone shattering heavy. Their new offering is titled In Circles We Die and all throughout this release you get pummeled and submerged in massive amounts of buzzing and deadly metal. This record is eight songs and over one hour of soul shredding and brain buzzing metal and if you don’t prepare yourself for the onslaught before you listen, you may not make it out with your head.

In Circles We Die is a monolithic album and has all of the capacity and capability in the world to crush you under its weight. This new offering by these death bringers is a slow moving and bubbling mass of despair and darkness. As soon as you begin listening you get shrouded in a thick cloud of dismal smoke from which you cannot escape. In Circles We Die is a rolling death machine that drains anyone that comes across it of all life and will to live. Heavydeath is unapologetic in their approach to each song as each song is spirit crushingly heavy and draining.

As the songs pass you can feel yourself succumb to the massive weight of the album and sooner rather than later you will be crushed into dust. Heavydeath has created an album that is powerful and monstrous and all at the same time it is mesmerizing. Heavydeath sucks you into this album right from the beginning and until the last note sounds you can’t seem to peel yourself away from your speakers. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip as each and every one is a solid slab of metal that will stick in your head for days.

Not only is this record heavy and hypnotizing, but In Circles We Die also provides you with an atmosphere that is thick, dark and twisting. If the music itself doesn’t crush you like an ant the atmosphere that courses through each song certainly will. Each of the eight songs is injected with an abysmal and soul damning atmosphere that has you sink into deep and dark depths. This atmosphere combined with the eviscerating power of the music already provides you with a terrifying and ultimately abyssal listen.

As waves of fuzzed out and low tuned riffs crash upon you like tidal waves, thick and rumbling bass lines rattle your bones as pummeling drum work cracks your skull, and coming through the wall of death filled doom are the sinister and venomous vocals. The musicianship is hypnotic and you won’t be able to shake any of these songs-let alone this album-for quite some time. This release has a knack for embedding itself within your mind and having you play each song over and over again.

In Circles We Die is a monolithic release that packs well more than just a punch. This album provides you with plenty of metal and plenty to listen for as it warrants more than just one listen. Simply put, this is a record that you should keep your eyes skinned for.

Take a peek into the death that awaits you with the song As We Foretold.

In Circles We Die will be out November 25, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

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