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Jagged Mouth: Louring

September 27, 2016


Jagged Mouth may be a relatively new band to the scene, but they know how to blow up your speakers and rattle your brain straight out of your head still. Louring is the title of their debut full length and it consists of five brain numbing and reality altering blackened doom songs. This release not only aims to rattle your brain out of your skull, but it aims to turn it into soup completely as well as decimate everything else that stands in its path. Louring is a powerful, rumbling, utterly destructive and monstrous album that makes you feel incredibly small right off the bat.

Even at only five songs long, Louring towers over you and squashes you like a bug whenever it feels like it. The more you listen, the deeper you get buried under waves upon waves of buzzing metal and sooner rather than later you can’t dig your way out. Not only is this release unbelievably heavy but it is incredibly dark as well and that darkness envelopes you and suffocates you right as soon as you press play. There isn’t anywhere you can hide and the only place that you are able to sink back into is the darkest depths and recesses of your mind.

The combination of black metal and doom provides you with a sickeningly heavy and abyssal listen. Both genres are already heavy and abrasive on their own and together the combined sound is that much more heavy and that much more soul eviscerating. Not once does Jagged Mouth lay off of the gas and lay off the heavy as each song is just as heavy and punishing as the last. Each song does its very best to rip your head off and send you to an early and shallow grave and you’ll be lucky if that is all that happens to you.

Louring is filled to the bursting point with low, slow, down tuned and bone rattling riffs, earth quaking bass lines, rib cracking drumming and utterly sinister and hellish vocals. There isn’t a moment within this record where you aren’t being buried under massive amounts of buzzing chaos to the point where you finally collapse. The musicianship is on point and raw and combined with the raw production which adds a bit more of an edge, you get a sound that is wholly damning and mesmerizing all at the same time.

For a debut, this record is a massive one and with its colossal riffs and waves of buzzing ferocity, this album is bound to make its way into many heavy metal collections. Louring is a great listen and it keeps you listening for its entirety, and really this record deserves plenty of rotations.

Coming up in support of their new album Louring is a tour and you can find all of the dates below.

October 27th-  Launchpad – Albuquerque
October 28th-  The Flux – Colorado Spr
October 29th-  3 Kings Tavern-  Denver
October 30th-  TBA
October 31st-  TBA
November 1st-  The Kraken-  Seattle
November 2nd-  BloodShed- Portland
November 3rd-  TBA
November 4th-  TBA
November 5th- Golden Bull-  Oakland
November 6th-  The Blvd- LA
November 7th- The Complex- LA
November 8th-Sweet Springs Saloon CA
November 9th-Amigos Cantina-Ventura
November 10th-Timeout Lounge-Phoenix
November 11th-Sandbox-EL Paso
November 12th-The Underground- Santa Fe
Louring will be out October 28, 2016.

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