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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Pestilent Death: Upheaval of the Undead

October 30, 2016

Upheaval of the Undead is a rotten to the core and incredibly grimy EP that death metal heathens Pestilent Death has just recently put out. If you are looking for and in need of some filthy, grime filled, and disgusting death metal (and really who isn’t in need of some) Pestilent Death are your guys. This EP packs a punch with four total songs with the final song being a cover of the Autopsy song Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay. Pestilent Death knows how to pile on the gore and filth and before you know it you yourself will be buried under masses of charred and gnarled cadavers.

Upheaval of the Undead begins with Chamber of Wretched Souls which sets the filth filled disgusting tone for the rest of the EP. Right from the get go, Pestilent Death rolls one devastating song right after another that burst your speakers and eventually lobotomize you with a corroded pick ax. Each song is a twisting mass of violence and putrescent filth and sooner rather than later you will be added to the collection of bodies that Pestilent Death has been stacking up. Upheaval of the Undead as a whole is bulldozer of death and isn’t afraid to flatten anyone without a second thought.

With brutalizing riffs, thick bass lines, tumultuous drumming and unearthly vocals Pestilent Death gets you up and headbanging early on until you snap your fucking neck. There isn’t a way that you can’t headbang while listening to this EP as it is incredibly undeniable and unbelievably heavy. Throughout one listen you get buried under an avalanche of death that is entirely suffocating. Upheaval of the Undead is a terrifying and brutalizing listen that strips you of your life not even half way through a listen and even then you feel the need to press play repeatedly.

This EP is a great display of fetid and rotting death metal and nothing more. There isn’t anything in this record that is a filler and there aren’t any frills either as what you get is purely blasphemous and flesh tearing death metal. Even though this is just an EP the sound is massive and bone grinding and if you thought that you would be able to escape a listen alive, you would be wrong. Upheaval of the Undead is a sinister, twisting mass of deadly noise that aims for the jugular right from the start and it doesn’t stop until your head is clean off of your shoulders.

Upheaval of the Undead is a great and deadly EP that death metal fans are sure to enjoy. Not only does the brutalizing musicianship make this EP great but the raw and filthy production makes it that much better. This is sordid and filthy death metal to a tee and it is one fuck of a good listen.


Across The Burning Sky: The End Is Near

October 30, 2016


Across The Burning Sky takes melodic death metal and cranks the melodic part up to about a twelve. There is plenty of death metal within their new release The End Is Near but all at the same time there is plenty of melody to go around as well. Across The Burning Sky provides you with harsh and punishing death metal all while providing you with a wholly melodic and memorable listen as well. The End Is Near is eleven songs of nothing but pure melodic death metal that gets stuck in your head whether you want it to get stuck in your head or not.

After the intro titled The Death March, Across The Burning Sky dives head first into their brand of melodic death and don’t look back. Across The Burning Sky rolls song after song and each song is just as harsh yet melodic as the last. Right after you press play and right after the short intro, these death fiends provide you with nothing but headbanging and highly addictive tunes. Once you begin listening and The End Is Near has gone through at least one rotation, you feel the need and you feel compelled to press play again and again to get your death metal fix.

Each song is crafted very well and each song gets stuck in your head and before you know it you will be busting out the air guitar and headbanging along with the music. The End Is Near is an intoxicating listen that you have no problems listening to numerous times. As harsh and punishing as the music can get, Across The Burning Sky keeps their melodic touch all throughout which makes each song memorable and highly palatable. Across The Burning Sky does a great job of mixing both harsher elements as well as the more melodic elements to create a sound that you can listen to all day.

The End Is Near is a straight forward headbanging and ass kicking album that is sure to get any death metal fan up and out of their seat. There aren’t any frills or filler within this record, so what you get is just straight up melodic death metal song after song until the last note plays you out. This is straight melodic death metal through and through  and through the course of this record you get bombarded with slick slithering riffs, heavy bass lines, solid precise drumming and menacing and forceful vocals. There isn’t a track on this record that isn’t solid and there isn’t a track on here that you would want to skip.

Overall, The End Is Near is a solid record that any melodic death metal fan-or any death metal fan for that matter-would love. This is eleven songs of pure death metal that gets you headbanging right off the bat and not only that but this record is one that you can’t put down so easily.

The End Is Near is out now through MDD Records.

Netherbird: The Grander Voyage

October 29, 2016


The Grander Voyage by Netherbird is a dense and tightly packed album that sports seven songs with a run time of nearly forty-two minutes. This record comes after nearly three years of anticipation and it definitely does not disappoint. The Grander Voyage is filled with twists and surprises and from one song to the next, or from one minute to the next you don’t know what sound you are about to get. Netherbird is a difficult band to pin point as far as genres go and that is just another element that makes listening that much more enjoyable. They mix black metal, death metal, some doom, post black metal and even more to create a sound that is wholly unique and highly memorable.

If you were expecting this record to have any sort of filler in it you will be disappointed. There are no fillers within this record and there isn’t any fluff either. What you get with The Grander Voyage is one solid song after another and much sooner rather than later you get lost in the listen. This record has a knack for pulling you in and keeping you for numerous listens as one just doesn’t cut it. After one listen you find yourself coming back for more and more, and even though this record does sport long run times it never feels as though it is all that long.

The Grander Voyage treats you to just about everything as Netherbird brings slithering black metal, ripping death metal and so much more to the gnarled plate. If there is an album that you could pick that just about has it all in it The Grander Voyage would be that record. As mentioned above, from one minute to the next and from one song to the next you never get the same sound. Netherbird provides you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout this record that the more you listen the more that you will find that you didn’t hear before.

Netherbird does a great job of mixing both harsh and punishing sounds with the softer and often times more melancholic sounds. Neither of the unique sounds over power each other as they work in harmony to provide you with a sound that is unique and gets etched in your memory for quite some time. One minute you will be listening to soul shredding and blasphemous black metal and the next you will be sinking into a melancholic abyss and then Netherbird takes you all the way back again.

Not only does this record supply you with powerful and heavy metal, it also supplies you with plenty of atmosphere that envelops you right from the beginning. These atmospheres that The Grander Voyage provides for you are often dark, cold and melancholic and this is yet another of a long list of elements that makes this record not only that much better, but it also makes it that much more memorable.

The many different sounds that you get within this release evoke many different feelings as well. From song to song and from minute to minute you get feelings of anger, melancholy and even more uplifting emotions from time to time. The Grander Voyage sucks you into listening in numerous ways and this is just another way that it gets you to stay and listen over and over again.

Simply put, this record is a great listen and you really can’t go wrong with it. Fans of black metal, death metal, doom and fans of metal in general will find this to be a solid album. There isn’t a song on this release that you find yourself skipping and this is a release that you shouldn’t be skipping or looking over either. The Grander Voyage is here after three years of anticipation and it’s one hell of a listen.

The Grander Voyage is out now through Black Lodge Records.

You can find the album right on Bandcamp.

To find Netherbird and throw them a like, you can do so on Facebook and for everything Netherbird check out their own website.

Watch and listen to Windwars as well as Pillars of the Sky.


Cancer: Terminal

October 27, 2016


Hailing from Australia is black metal outfit Cancer and above is the cover for their very first studio album titled Terminal. This release is filled with five visceral, emotional, dark and depressive black metal songs that make you slink back into the darker recesses of your mind. Terminal is a unique listen that grabs your attention right off the bat and doesn’t let you leave your listen until the final note has been played. The more that you listen the more you get sucked in to the dark, twisting and altogether depressive world that Cancer provides for you.

Terminal begins with a very short lead in that lasts all of three seconds before you get completely subjected to the very raw and visceral black metal that Cancer plays so well. Each of the five songs that make an appearance on this record are dismal and just as blasphemous and soul suffocating as the last. Once you begin listening you become trapped in a vortex of damning and utterly dismal black metal, and no matter the depressive qualities, you end up pressing play over and over again to get your yearly dose depressive black metal.

The atmospheres that Cancer provides for you in this release are dense, bleak and they envelop you in a dark and abyssal fog for the entirety of the listen. Throughout the listen and the more that you do listen, the more that you end up getting wrapped up in the music which means you get wrapped up in the atmosphere as well, and when you do you end up in a sinister mindset. Terminal provides you with twisting and venomous atmospheres that ultimately are just as dangerous as the pummeling and punishing musicianship.

Cancer has put out an incredibly raw and emotional release and to make it so they seem to have taken all of the shit in the world, balled it up and put it on this record. While listening to Terminal you can feel all of that emotion and rawness that was put into it and that is just another factor that makes this album a great listen. Not only does Terminal provide you with atmospheres that are damning and venomous, and not only does Terminal serve up all the shit in the world on a gnarled platter, but you can feel all of it come through the speakers.

Terminal is a captivating album that gets you engrossed immediately and keeps you listening all throughout and makes you want to listen even more once one rotation is over. For this being the first studio recording for this Australia based band, this is a great listen that all black metal fans would enjoy.

You can check out Cancer on Facebook and throw them a like.

And to find this release, you can find it right on Bandcamp.

Nebrus: Exta Malorvme

October 25, 2016


Hailing from what seem to be the darkest reaches of the earth is Nebrus and crawling out form the shadows with them is their newest blasphemous offering titled Exta Malorvm. Nebrus themselves are a pretty interesting black metal band as they do play in the vein of that raw and traditional black metal, they just contort and inject different elements and sound into that traditional black metal strain to create something that is unique. Nebrus’ sound throughout this record is dissonant yet utterly brutalizing and soul piercing and at times you can hear somewhat of a death metal influence as well.

Exta Malorvm begins with a haunting and altogether skin crawling intro that lasts you a little over two minutes. After the intro is over you end up getting thrust into a maelstrom of black metal that is chaotic and purely devastating. Nebrus doesn’t really slow down until they hit an interlude which is appropriately placed about half way through the record. And even after that interlude you get shoved head first back into the blackened soul ripping storm. As a whole, Exta Malorvm is a massive album that pummels and brutalizes you with completely dark and sinister metal until you yourself get cast down to the abyss.

As mentioned above, you get an intro at the beginning of the record, and interlude in the middle and really, other than that there isn’t a ton of breathing room. Nebrus suffocates you in an apothic gloom and further expunges you from this planet with terrifying and damning atmospheres. Whether it was intended or not, Nebrus envelop you in a cold and bitter darkness that sends shivers down your spine and makes your skin crawl. However, not only are the atmospheres cold and chill you to the bone, but these atmospheres are poisonous and thick. Once you begin listening, Nebrus wraps you in these sickening and purely sinister atmospheres and the more you listen the more you get swallowed up by them.

If it isn’t the atmospheres that get you it will be the brand of black metal that Nebrus brings to the table. Their brand of black metal is barbaric, raw, blasphemous and dehumanizing. The speed at which these guys play when they aren’t filling your head with down tempo blackened dirges is about mach three. Not only that, but each song is pumped full with massively heavy and head caving riffs that are coupled with massive bass lines and solid drum work along with dissonant and haunting vocals. The musicianship is great and with it paired with a raw yet refined production, what you get is one hell of a great listen.

Exta Malorvm is a great listen and would please any black metal fan. This record is dark, utterly grim, provides you with enough atmosphere that you can choke on it, and more than anything provides you with a great soul burning, heavy and unique listen.

Exta Malorvm will be out through Razed Soul Productions on November 4, 2016.

Take a listen to the track off of the upcoming record titled Relaying on Madness.

You can find Exta Malorvm and other Nebrus music right on Bandcamp and if you want to throw these heathens a like you can find them on Facebook.

Goatblood: Veneration of Armaggedon

October 23, 2016


Bestial black metal heathens Goatblood are back with a brand new blasphemous record titled Veneration of Armageddon. This new offering is eighteen songs long and roughly forty minutes of nothing but soul shredding and flesh ripping black metal. Veneration of Armageddon is a maelstrom of metal that attacks from all sides and provides you with whiplash inducing metal that gets you to headbang until you sever your spine. This new release is gritty, grimy and disgusting and it revels in filth and bathes in the souls of the damned. After you are done listening to this album you feel as though you need to shower so you wash all of the filth off.

After a two minute intro titled Joseph’s Brain Goatblood shoves you off of a cliff and straight into the bowels of hell where this record will serve as your theme song to your decent. Veneration of Armageddon is compiled of songs with shorter run times, so each song on this record is like a blitzkrieg and before you know it the record is over and you’re pressing play again. Whether you like it or want it or not, Goatblood stomps these songs straight into your brain and sooner or later you will have memorized every part to this record.

Goatblood traps you with a wall of blackened noise that seeps out of your speakers as soon as you press play. One song after another steamrolls right out of your speakers and right over top of you burying you in a shallow grave. These songs are sharp, well executed and will and do aim for the jugular every chance that they get. Veneration of Armageddon is a violent, twisting, blasphemous and altogether sinister that gets you headbanging with the utmost intensity.

Each gnarled sound that comes through your speakers is courtesy of venomous and grimy riffs, buzzing and stomach churning bass lines, tumultuous drumming and demonic and throat shredding vocals. Each element that Goatblood implements into their sound works well together to create a bombastic and flesh tearing sound. Veneration of Armageddon is a raw and barbaric record that revels in filth and enjoys the sight of blood shed. After one listen you end mutilated and bloodied but you can’t help but to crank this full blast and summon the Dark Lord himself.

Overall, this record is a heavy and savage one that steamrolls anything that gets in its way. Veneration of Armageddon is a raw, barbaric and blood thirsty release that provides you with one hell of a listen.

Veneration of Armageddon will be out tomorrow October 24, 2016 off of Dunkelheit Produktionen.

You can find Goatblood and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find Dunkelheit Produktionen on Facebook.


Skewered: Deathmethyltryptamine

October 23, 2016

SBR001 - Skewered - Deathmethyltryptamine.jpg

Skewered’s anticipated follow up release for their 2012 effort has finally arrived and it’s packed to the bursting point with purely savage and disgusting death metal. Deathmethyltryptamine is the title of this new record and twelve new songs make an appearance and try to rip your head off. This record is brutalizing and completely face shredding and throughout your listening experience it will try to mangle you. There isn’t anything else that is stuffed into this record other than completely eviscerating death metal and after one listen you feel as though you have been fed into a garbage compactor.

Skewered doesn’t start this release with an intro to ease you into this release. Instead they start you off with their brand of head caving death metal and from then on they don’t stop until your head is on a spike. You don’t have much room to breathe when listening to Deathmethyltryptamine as skewered rolls devastating song after devastating song, and each song is played at a blood boiling pace as well. Not only does this record suffocate you with the blistering pace, but it does its best to slit your throat as well and leave you in a dumpster like yesterday’s garbage.

As soon as the opener Curbstomp Marathon begins and that first grisly and gnarled note hits your ears, you know that you are in for a gore filled and mentally scarring ride. Deathmethyltryptamine chisels away at your sanity all while chiseling away at your brain. Each song is bloodied and homicidal and more than willing to take the head off of anyone that stand in its way. The reason that this release is so devastating and so dangerous is because this is just straight forward, grisly, barbaric and head stomping death metal. There are no frills within this record as the only thing that you get is purely punishing metal.

Deathmethyltryptamine caves your skull in with mutilating and memorable as well as whiplash inducing riffs as well as rib crushing bass lines and bone shattering drumming. Forcing their way through the wall of death and adding their own deadly flavor to each song are the hellish and monstrous growls. Deathmethyltryptamine is sickening as well as a devastating and intimidating display of death metal. Each song is well executed and they make you fear for your life as well. The dirty and grime filled production makes this record that much more enjoyable and gives it that extra gnarled sound.

These Irish death fiends sure know how to throw down some seriously sickening death metal. This is a record that you can play over and over again without ever getting bored, and this record is also one that you can headbang into oblivion to as well. Deathmethyltryptamine is one hell of a follow up to their self titled debut in 2012 and this is a record that any death head should have on their shelves.

Deathmethyltryptamine is out now through Stillbirth Records.

To find/order the record you can find it on the Stillbirth Records store.

You can find Skewered and throw them a like on Facebook.

The Human Condition: Pathways

October 23, 2016


The debut album by doom dealers The Human Condition Pathways is packed with seven songs of wonderfully dark and dismal doom.Each song on this record is just as abysmal and bleak as the last and the more that you listen, the more you become encompassed in a pitch black cloud. As soon as you begin listening you get bombarded with melancholic atmospheres and low, slow and buzzing sounds that rattle your brain around in your skull. Each song on this record is quite long as well which gives The Human Condition plenty of time to enchant you with their hypnotic style of play and coax you into the darkness.

For the majority of this record The Human Condition plays glacier and blood freezing slow, but every now and then they break the mold and kick the tempo up to a romping and headbanging speed. That burst of speed happens every now and then, so for the rest of the record you get encased in a slow burning dirge of doom that just doesn’t quit until it has completely sunk you in despair. As mentioned above, each song is wonderfully dark, grim and dismal and the more that you listen the more that you sink back into a dark corner of your mind.

Pathways is just as hypnotic as it is grim however. The style of play in which The Human Condition plays is hypnotic combined with the ever so inviting darkness that they provide, gives you on hell of a listen that sticks with you. On top of the memorable and slick musicianship are thick atmospheres and bleak soundscapes that twist and wind as each song plays along. And as long as these songs are they never seem to overstay their welcome and you don’t seem to bore of them all that easily. Pathways does a good job of keeping your attention all throughout the release.

Each song on Pathways bombards you with slow moving and heavy riffs that are coupled with rumbling bass lines, solid drumming and haunting vocals. The musicianship is smooth, the production is great and the atmospheres are thick which makes for a solid listen. The only negative to me is that the vocals at times are a little suspect as they seem just a bit flat in parts. Other than that the vocals really are haunting and memorable, but other than that, Pathways is a solid release.

Pathways is a good solid listen that gives you plenty of content and plenty to listen for. Each song is different and gives you something new each time. This is a nice solid and good listen for any fan of low, slow and dark doom.

Pathways is out now through Topillo Records.

Lucifer’s Fall: Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall

October 22, 2016


Combining doom and a don’t give a fuck attitude is Lucifer’s Fall and above is the cover for their new EP appropriately Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall. This EP offers seven songs in total with the first three being the main songs and the last four being demos. Lucifer’s Fall does a great job on this EP with balancing both low and slow doom and and faster hard rocking sludge sound. Each song has plenty of variation and from one minute to the next you don’t know what sound you will be getting.

Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall starts their new EP off with a song titled Lost. Lost starts you on your listening experience with heavy, slow and fuzzed out riffs that transition to a more up tempo sound that gets you headbanging early. From then on, this thirteen minute songs provides you with romping headbanging riffs and gravel filled vocals. Lucifer’s Fall sucks you in to this song as well as this release with infectious, heavy and memorable riffs and great song writing. Almost immediately you begin headbanging and you just can’t stop listening

Each song on this effort gives you something new that the last song didn’t give you. But with each song being different, one thing is the same throughout, and that is that these songs are heavy and infectious. These songs get stuck in your head until they want to leave your memory. It’s hard to erase from memory heavy and slick riffs, rumbling bass lines, pounding drums and commanding gravel filled vocals. Not only are is the musicianship great on this EP, but the production is great as well making the overall sound that much better.

This EP is a great listen for fans of heavy and hard hitting doom that can make your mind drift with dirges of doom as well as get you to headbang with more up tempo hard rocking sounds. The four demos that appear on this release are great as well because it gives you  an even more raw sound as well as a more in depth look in to Lucifer’s Fall. Overall, this release is a good listen that any fan of doom would enjoy.

Fuck You We’re Lucifer’s Fall is out now through Topillo Records.

Violent Magic Orchestra: Catastrophic Anonymous

October 21, 2016


Breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and creating something entirely new and unique is what music can be about, and that is exactly what Violent Magic Orchestra is about. VMO is a very unique band that mixes experimental black metal, dark techno and drone elements to create something that is altogether schizophrenic and entirely unique. Catastrophic Anonymous is the title for VMO’s newest release and within this record you will find ten songs that are filled with ever twisting and contorting music. Never once do you get the same sound as each song sounds completely different from the others and each song contorts itself so much that you generally won’t be getting the same sound even within the same song.

VMO is hard to pigeonhole because they incorporate so many different genres and sounds into their unique brand of noise. You can’t sum up what VMO and what  Catastrophic Anonymous sounds like in just one or two sentences because that’s just not possible. VMO is an amalgamation of genres and sounds that ultimately provide you with a schizophrenic listen as well as one that is pumped full of atmosphere. Whether you fully grasp what you are listening to with this record or not, one thing is for sure and that is that Catastrophic Anonymous  is a captivating and very interesting release.

As soon as you press play you are thrust into the ever shifting and always abrasive world that VMO has created. When you begin listening you become trapped in these vast soundscapes that VMO provides for you and sooner rather than later your mind begins to wander on its own through these vast yet harsh and punishing soundscapes.  Catastrophic Anonymous  is riddled with bleak atmospheres that wrap you up never letting you escape. This record is filled with sharp atmospheres that cut like a knife, but on the other side of things VMO provides you with serene and calming atmospheres as well. They do a great job of balancing both so you don’t get pummeled and completely buried under dismal and crushing atmospheres.

Catastrophic Anonymous is a big album, and I don’t mean in run time. What I do mean is that this release is big because of the sheer amount of content that you get from it. VMO packs this album full with experimental black metal, drone, and dark techno to provide you with a very unique listening experience that you won’t soon forget. Each of these elements listed among others are sewn in to each song very well and neither takes precedence over one another. VMO does a great job of balancing everything out very well so that you get everything all at once but it isn’t too much.  Catastrophic Anonymous provides you with walls of droning and stereo busting noise coupled by manic screams in the background, so what you get is the music equivalent of a gnarly trip.

If you are looking for something new and something different and if you are looking to step outside of your own musical comfort zone then this is a record that you should pick up.  Catastrophic Anonymous is highly experimental and you do have to give it a few rotations to pick up on everything and let it all soak in. However, this is a captivating release when you can get into it and it does provide you with something fresh and new and you don’t exactly hear this every day.  Catastrophic Anonymous is a good listen and a solid album and is meant for anyone who is craving that something new and something different.

Catastrophic Anonymous will be out December 2, 2016 through Throatruiner Records and Deathwish Inc.

Check VMO out and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find them right on their very own website.

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