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Nest: Spiked and Abandoned

October 1, 2016

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Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky is Nest, and this duo is a cross between doom, black metal and crust. Within this new release by these doom bringers you get two songs of stripped down bare bones blackened doom. Even though the sound is stripped down and simplistic, Nest still packs quite a bit of a punch with the two songs that they provide you. Both songs provide you with a menacing sound that ends up submerging you into bleak and abyssal soundscapes, and even though there are only two songs within this release, you end up being thrust into that bleakness sooner rather than later.

Through out each song you get an equal amount of doom and black metal. Neither of the genres overshadow the other as they work together in sickening harmony to create a dissonant and blasphemous sound. One minute you get damning doom that thrusts you into the throes of despair, and the next you get soul punishing dissonant and bleak black metal. Nest does a great job of mixing these genres together seamlessly. They never just jump from one to the next which would make the music lurch all over the place. Instead, Nest incorporates the unique sounds of both genres very well to provide you with a unique yet harsh and heavy listen.

Spiked and Abandoned gives you a harsh enough listen to leave your soul strangled and abandoned. Both songs are dark and sinister dirges of blackened fury that leave everything and everyone dead in their wake. Once Spiked and Abandoned begins, you become engulfed in blackened hell fire and thrown into a bottomless pit of abyssal gloom. Not only does this effort provide you with harsh, bleak and punishing sounds, but there is a tinge of melancholy every now and then. In some of the more doom laden passages in each of the songs, you get a hint of melancholy, not a lot, but enough to pull you down into a well of despair.

Both songs transition well between the buzzing and skull rattling doom riffs and the sharp head splitting black metal riffs. Accompanying these blasphemous riffs are massive bass lines as well as acrobatic drumming, and forcing their way through the wall of skin shredding noise are the dissonant and purely sinister vocals that help tie this dark and twisting record together. Nest executes both black metal and doom very well, and they sew them together seamlessly to give you a cohesive and utterly sinister listen.

For there only being two songs on this release, Spiked and Abandoned is a great listen that makes you want more than just two songs. The stripped down and bare bones sound that Nest provides for you works so well with the style of music that they play, and if they beefed the sound up and it wasn’t so bare bones, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well. The overall sound of this record is great and it makes you want another release by these guys sooner rather than later.

Spiked and Abandoned will be out November 18, 2016 through Gloom Pit Records.

Pre-orders are up right now right here.

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