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Warcrab: Scars of Aeons

October 1, 2016


Up from the murky and abyssal depths of doom, Warcrab brings with them their newest offering titled Scars of Aeons. This new release provides you with five twisting, dark and heavy death laden doom metal. Each song is just as potent and destructive as the last and Warcrab will be damned if they don’t steamroll you into oblivion. Scars of Aeons is a massive and all encompassing record that gets you involved right from the beginning. As soon as you pop this record in and begin listening, Warcrab grabs a hold of your throat only to never let go until the album has concluded.

Scars of Aeons is a powerful and monstrous record and even with packing only five songs, it still flattens you without thinking about it even once. This record is one that you have to listen to more than once, and then even more times after that. It pulls you in and manifests itself in your brain for quite some time. Scars of Aeons is an album that you can’t easily shake or dismiss as it does demand numerous listens and not only that, but it is highly captivating and intoxicating. This new record by Warcrab envelops you in a dark and twisting atmosphere that you can’t and don’t want to escape from.

Right off the bat Warcrab makes it known that this is a dense and dark record. Immediately they envelop you in a dense and abyssal fog and going even further than that they make your brain float through dark and twisting atmospheres and soundscapes. Each song is just as dark and sinister as the last and if the music itself doesn’t flatten you, the heavy and lung crushing atmospheres will. Warcrab paints wonderfully dismal soundscapes about the destruction of worlds like in the song aptly titled Destroyer of Worlds and stillbirths such as in the song Bury Me Before I’m Born and you get just about everything in between as well.

Not only are the atmospheres and lyrical content heavy, but the music is as well, of course. Warcrab combine death metal and doom creating a heavy metal juggernaut. The sound that Warcrab emits is undeniably and incredibly heavy. Scars of Aeons crushes you beneath its feet without a second or first thought about it and then goes on to decimate whoever and whatever else it can. This record is bone grinding and just about as heavy as you could possibly imagine. Each song is down tuned rumbling goodness that takes your life from you with brute force and then laughs about it in your lifeless face.

Each song is riddled with earth shattering riffs, brain scrambling bass lines, bone cracking drumming and sadistic vocals that transition between bloody growls and deafening screams. Throughout this record you will either perish from the murky and anvil heavy sludge filled doom, or from the flesh ripping and throat tearing death metal, or both. Warcrab does a great job of combining the two to create a cohesive and ultimately destructive listen that you just can’t get enough of.

You really can’t seem to put this record down as one listen turns into ten and ten turns into dozens more. Warcrab has created something here that makes you want to stay and listen and then listen over and over again. Scars of Aeons has something about it that just sucks you in never to let you go again and make you listen to something else for quite some time since this will spend a long time on repeat. Even though this is a fairly lengthy album it never really seems as though it is and that is just another thing in a long list that makes this record that enjoyable. Overall, this is one hell of a record that just consumes you and has you listen over and over again.

Scars of Aeons will be out October 15,2016 through Black Bow Records.

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