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Krepitus: The Eyes of the Soulless

October 8, 2016


Pushing the boundary and the envelope between thrash metal and death metal is Krepitus. These gents mix together thrash and death metal with ease and with the mixture of the two genres you get a bombastic and tight sound that you just can’t stop headbanging to. The Eyes of the Soulless is a solid headbanging album that lasts just around fifty minutes and that entire time you can’t stop headbanging. More than that, Krepitus does a great job of keeping your attention and keeping you listening all throughout their release. There isn’t a song on this record that you want to skip or feel compelled to skip as each and every song is a solid slab of death infused thrash.

Right off the bat Krepitus sucks you right into the record never to let you escape until the closing song has concluded. Krepitus has a knack for drawing you into each song and having these songs manifest themselves in your brain for quite some time. This entire release is a highly memorable and infectious one that you just can’t shake whether you wanted to or not. One listen turns into many and sooner rather than later the listens pile up and your neck becomes increasingly sore from headbanging with the utmost intensity.

As stated above, the mixture of death metal and thrash provides you with an explosive, bombastic and altogether heavy and skin flaying listen. This album as a whole is a tight, well produced and well executed album that gets you thrashing about in no time. The Eyes of the Soulless is a straight shot of adrenaline right to your veins that just doesn’t quit until all of your flesh and skin have completely melted straight off of your face. Each track is scorching and does its best to melt your face and break your neck and if you listen enough, both of those are more than possible.

The Eyes of the Soulless is packed with precision riffs only to be supplemented by shredding guitar solos, thick bass lines, down hill drumming and aggressive and larynx shredding vocals. With every element working together, you get a listen that is powerful, intoxicating and ultimately heavy. Krepitus doesn’t skimp on the heavy at all with this release as you headbang from beginning to end. Not only is Krepitus heavy, but they supply you with plenty of groove and atmosphere throughout to create an even more memorable listen that will stick with you well after you are done listening.

This new record by these face shredders is solid and really does get you headanging right off the bat and it really does get stuck in your head. Krepitus has created an album that is both heavy and highly memorable all at the same time and not only that, but this is just a solid and great listen and is meant for any fan of thrash and death metal.

The Eyes of the Soulless will be out on November 25, 2016.


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