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+MROME+: Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell

October 9, 2016

Hailing from Poland is +MROME+ and their newest release is titled Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell. +MROME+ is a band that you can’t really pigeonhole into on specific genre as they bend a few genres to create their own sound. Within this release you can hear influences of death metal, black metal and even some touches of gothic rock perhaps and even more. It’s difficult to pin point what genre +MROME+ belongs to, but that’s the beauty of the sound that they have concocted. There isn’t a specific sound or a specific formula that they abide by, instead they have sewn together a few genres to create a unique, dark and twisting sound.

You can tell where some of their influences lie when you see that they have a Danzig cover on this album, but even then +MROME+ takes several recognizable genres to create a sound all their own. No matter what genre it is that you could be getting at any given moment, one thing remains true in that each song is rocking and gets your head nodding almost right out of the gate. Each song is a solid slab of hard rocking and head nodding goodness that gets imprinted on your brain being that this album is pretty infectious.

Not only is Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell a hard rocking album that draws from many genres, but the atmosphere that you get from this release is one of the occult. Each song is a dark twisting mass that invites you in to a deadly cold realm of fog. All while you are nodding along to the album, it pushes you into great depths of darkness and puts you in a fogged state of mind. Each song is just as sinister and twisting as the last and the deeper you get into this record and the more listens you give it, the more you become shrouded in molten darkness.

Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell is a solid slab of heavy metal that is gripping at times providing you with a heavy and rocking sound and at other times it provides you with dirges of dark and dense atmospheres. +MROME+ is a diverse and varied band that knows how to fill your ears with infectiously dark songs that get stuck in your head. Sooner or later you just get sucked into the music as the darkness draws you in only to never let you leave.

Overall, this is a solid and good listen that gets you involved and nodding along right from the beginning. +MROME+ gives you plenty of variation between songs to keep you interested and listening all throughout as well as a dark, twisting, cult feeling to keep you listening for even longer. Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell is certainly worth checking out and is certainly an interesting and good listen.

You can find +MROME+ and Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell right on Bandcamp.

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