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Sulfur Ensemble: 4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe

October 10, 2016


The title of this release pretty much tells you exactly what you need to know even before listening. 4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe is the newest offering from doom monsters Sulfur Ensemble, and what you get within this EP is exactly what the title says that you are going to get. This EP was recorded in just two days so it would keep a raw fuzzed out sound and that is exactly the type of noise that you get. Each song is fuzzed out to the max and has enough buzz to it to displace your bones.

Even though 4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe is only four songs, it still packs enough sludge and grimy doom to burst your speakers. Each song is just as filthy and fuzz filled as the last and each song has the capability of filling your speakers enough to make them burst. From beginning to end you get buried under waves of filthy and raw sludge filled doom as you get submerged in the dark abyss that is the occult.

This EP from beginning to end is heavy and undeniably hard rocking. There isn’t a song on this release that doesn’t get you nodding and that doesn’t get your mind to be completely washed away in the tsunami and wall of down tuned and fuzzed out noise. 4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe wraps your brain up in an acid washed fog to put you in a daze until the final song is over and the last note has sounded.

4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe is filled with groove laden and murky riffs only to be supplemented by earth shaking bass lines, solid drumming and vocals that are screamed at you from every direction. The musicianship is on point and the vocals match the dark and twisting sound that Sulfur Ensemble provide for you, and with that combined with the raw nature of the release, you get a groove laden, sludge filled, doom bringing sound that is infectious.

This EP from Sulfur Ensemble is a solid listen and is one that should get many rotations. Neither of the four songs on this record get boring and you never feel as though you need to skip them and they get your head nodding from the get go.

You can find 4 Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls and Marilyn Monroe right on Bandcamp.

You can find this release on Morbid Syndicate.

Check out the song Karaçor on Youtube.

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