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Black Oath: Litanies in the Dark

October 13, 2016


Under the bio for Black Oath they describe themselves as “cursed rock” and that really does suit their style of music perfectly. With the cursed rock mixed with elements of doom, what you get is a haunting yet rocking sound all at the same time. Litanies in the Dark is both dark and twisting and head nodding all at the same time. You rock out all while your hair stands on the back of your neck. Black Oath is a unique combination of rock and doom and that combination provides you with plenty to listen to and plenty to listen for.

Litanies in the Dark is a four track mini album that runs for just about twenty minutes, and within those twenty minutes you get sucked into an alluring darkness that you don’t seem to want to crawl out from. Each song on this release is smooth, shifting and dark and the more that you listen the more you don’t want to stop listening. Even with only four songs on this record, Black Oath makes you want more and to add to that want even more they leave you with a closing song that is only two minutes long that fades into eternal darkness.

One listen doesn’t do Litanies in the Dark justice as it warrants many more than just one. Right from the beginning Black Oath draws you in only for you to stay as you get into more listens and more rotations. This entire release is captivating and pulls all of your attention toward it and much sooner rather than later you become fully engrossed in the music and the ever twisting and smooth musicianship. Not one song sounds alike and since they all have a different sound there is plenty to listen for and catch the next time around.

Black Oath transitions between cursed rock and doom seamlessly as one moment you may be rocking out and the next you become submerged in the murky depths of doom. The cursed rock provides you with a heavy and biting sound as the doom provides you with plenty of thick and sinister atmosphere that you just can’t escape from. Litanies in the Dark draws you in with its heavy rock sound and makes you stay with its hypnotizing and sinister sound.

This mini album is just enough to tide you over but short enough at the same time to make you want more. Litanies in the Dark is four solid songs of doom tinged cursed rock that is highly memorable and intoxicating and ultimately you keep listening and coming back for more.

Litanies in the Dark will be out October 17, 2016 through Terror From Hell Records.

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