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VVORSE: Näkyjä Helvetistä

October 13, 2016


New noise coming out of Finland comes from a band who calls themselves VVORSE and toting along with them they bring their debut full length titled Näkyjä helvetistäNäkyjä helvetistä translates into “visions from hell” and VVORSE do their very best to provide you with sounds from hell at the very least. Näkyjä helvetistä is a nine track album that is packed with hardcore and crust sounds with plenty of experimental sounds to go around as well. Generally hardcore bands don’t have songs with run times into the six or seven minute range, but VVORSE scrap that idea and pour those types of songs out with ease providing you with a diverse and unique listen.

Right off the bat VVORSE hits you square in the jaw with their opener Kaatopaikka and from then on they roll out song after song after song until you are a permanent fixture in the cement. VVORSE provides you with a harsh, pissed off and whiplash inducing sound that continues all throughout the record. Näkyjä helvetistä gets you headbanging and inciting riots early on with their adrenaline and fuel injected style of play. Even when VVORSE breaks out the sludge filled and more murky down tempo style of play it is still harsh and punishing.

Each song off of Näkyjä helvetistä is just like a punch in the mouth and after a listen you will be lucky if you have teeth left. All of the nine songs that make an appearance on this record are highly volatile and they have no problems with knocking you out cold. If the music itself doesn’t knock you out you may just do that yourself since from beginning to end you find yourself headbanging into oblivion. Näkyjä helvetistä as a whole is a chaotic maelstrom of razor sharp riffs and music that is overall destructive and utterly explosive.

When you aren’t getting completely beat down by the hardcore and crust elements that VVORSE displays, you get lost in the abyssal depths of their sludge filled dirges. VVORSE doesn’t slow the tempo down entirely too much, but when they do the atmosphere envelopes you and pushes you further to the edge of darkness. No matter whether you are getting your spleen ruptured from the devastating hardcore elements or you are being encased in an abyssal fog brought on by the seldom down tempo sludge filled moments, it is undeniable that Näkyjä helvetistä is heavy.

This is a solid debut that is heavy and provides you with more than just your standard hardcore and crust sounds. Näkyjä helvetistä is a unique listen that you want to listen to more than a couple of times as well as one that you can headbang to with brain bruising intent.

You can find VVORSE and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find this release right on Bandcamp.

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