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Violent Magic Orchestra: Catastrophic Anonymous

October 21, 2016


Breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and creating something entirely new and unique is what music can be about, and that is exactly what Violent Magic Orchestra is about. VMO is a very unique band that mixes experimental black metal, dark techno and drone elements to create something that is altogether schizophrenic and entirely unique. Catastrophic Anonymous is the title for VMO’s newest release and within this record you will find ten songs that are filled with ever twisting and contorting music. Never once do you get the same sound as each song sounds completely different from the others and each song contorts itself so much that you generally won’t be getting the same sound even within the same song.

VMO is hard to pigeonhole because they incorporate so many different genres and sounds into their unique brand of noise. You can’t sum up what VMO and what  Catastrophic Anonymous sounds like in just one or two sentences because that’s just not possible. VMO is an amalgamation of genres and sounds that ultimately provide you with a schizophrenic listen as well as one that is pumped full of atmosphere. Whether you fully grasp what you are listening to with this record or not, one thing is for sure and that is that Catastrophic Anonymous  is a captivating and very interesting release.

As soon as you press play you are thrust into the ever shifting and always abrasive world that VMO has created. When you begin listening you become trapped in these vast soundscapes that VMO provides for you and sooner rather than later your mind begins to wander on its own through these vast yet harsh and punishing soundscapes.  Catastrophic Anonymous  is riddled with bleak atmospheres that wrap you up never letting you escape. This record is filled with sharp atmospheres that cut like a knife, but on the other side of things VMO provides you with serene and calming atmospheres as well. They do a great job of balancing both so you don’t get pummeled and completely buried under dismal and crushing atmospheres.

Catastrophic Anonymous is a big album, and I don’t mean in run time. What I do mean is that this release is big because of the sheer amount of content that you get from it. VMO packs this album full with experimental black metal, drone, and dark techno to provide you with a very unique listening experience that you won’t soon forget. Each of these elements listed among others are sewn in to each song very well and neither takes precedence over one another. VMO does a great job of balancing everything out very well so that you get everything all at once but it isn’t too much.  Catastrophic Anonymous provides you with walls of droning and stereo busting noise coupled by manic screams in the background, so what you get is the music equivalent of a gnarly trip.

If you are looking for something new and something different and if you are looking to step outside of your own musical comfort zone then this is a record that you should pick up.  Catastrophic Anonymous is highly experimental and you do have to give it a few rotations to pick up on everything and let it all soak in. However, this is a captivating release when you can get into it and it does provide you with something fresh and new and you don’t exactly hear this every day.  Catastrophic Anonymous is a good listen and a solid album and is meant for anyone who is craving that something new and something different.

Catastrophic Anonymous will be out December 2, 2016 through Throatruiner Records and Deathwish Inc.

Check VMO out and throw them a like on Facebook and you can find them right on their very own website.

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