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Skewered: Deathmethyltryptamine

October 23, 2016

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Skewered’s anticipated follow up release for their 2012 effort has finally arrived and it’s packed to the bursting point with purely savage and disgusting death metal. Deathmethyltryptamine is the title of this new record and twelve new songs make an appearance and try to rip your head off. This record is brutalizing and completely face shredding and throughout your listening experience it will try to mangle you. There isn’t anything else that is stuffed into this record other than completely eviscerating death metal and after one listen you feel as though you have been fed into a garbage compactor.

Skewered doesn’t start this release with an intro to ease you into this release. Instead they start you off with their brand of head caving death metal and from then on they don’t stop until your head is on a spike. You don’t have much room to breathe when listening to Deathmethyltryptamine as skewered rolls devastating song after devastating song, and each song is played at a blood boiling pace as well. Not only does this record suffocate you with the blistering pace, but it does its best to slit your throat as well and leave you in a dumpster like yesterday’s garbage.

As soon as the opener Curbstomp Marathon begins and that first grisly and gnarled note hits your ears, you know that you are in for a gore filled and mentally scarring ride. Deathmethyltryptamine chisels away at your sanity all while chiseling away at your brain. Each song is bloodied and homicidal and more than willing to take the head off of anyone that stand in its way. The reason that this release is so devastating and so dangerous is because this is just straight forward, grisly, barbaric and head stomping death metal. There are no frills within this record as the only thing that you get is purely punishing metal.

Deathmethyltryptamine caves your skull in with mutilating and memorable as well as whiplash inducing riffs as well as rib crushing bass lines and bone shattering drumming. Forcing their way through the wall of death and adding their own deadly flavor to each song are the hellish and monstrous growls. Deathmethyltryptamine is sickening as well as a devastating and intimidating display of death metal. Each song is well executed and they make you fear for your life as well. The dirty and grime filled production makes this record that much more enjoyable and gives it that extra gnarled sound.

These Irish death fiends sure know how to throw down some seriously sickening death metal. This is a record that you can play over and over again without ever getting bored, and this record is also one that you can headbang into oblivion to as well. Deathmethyltryptamine is one hell of a follow up to their self titled debut in 2012 and this is a record that any death head should have on their shelves.

Deathmethyltryptamine is out now through Stillbirth Records.

To find/order the record you can find it on the Stillbirth Records store.

You can find Skewered and throw them a like on Facebook.

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