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Netherbird: The Grander Voyage

October 29, 2016


The Grander Voyage by Netherbird is a dense and tightly packed album that sports seven songs with a run time of nearly forty-two minutes. This record comes after nearly three years of anticipation and it definitely does not disappoint. The Grander Voyage is filled with twists and surprises and from one song to the next, or from one minute to the next you don’t know what sound you are about to get. Netherbird is a difficult band to pin point as far as genres go and that is just another element that makes listening that much more enjoyable. They mix black metal, death metal, some doom, post black metal and even more to create a sound that is wholly unique and highly memorable.

If you were expecting this record to have any sort of filler in it you will be disappointed. There are no fillers within this record and there isn’t any fluff either. What you get with The Grander Voyage is one solid song after another and much sooner rather than later you get lost in the listen. This record has a knack for pulling you in and keeping you for numerous listens as one just doesn’t cut it. After one listen you find yourself coming back for more and more, and even though this record does sport long run times it never feels as though it is all that long.

The Grander Voyage treats you to just about everything as Netherbird brings slithering black metal, ripping death metal and so much more to the gnarled plate. If there is an album that you could pick that just about has it all in it The Grander Voyage would be that record. As mentioned above, from one minute to the next and from one song to the next you never get the same sound. Netherbird provides you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout this record that the more you listen the more that you will find that you didn’t hear before.

Netherbird does a great job of mixing both harsh and punishing sounds with the softer and often times more melancholic sounds. Neither of the unique sounds over power each other as they work in harmony to provide you with a sound that is unique and gets etched in your memory for quite some time. One minute you will be listening to soul shredding and blasphemous black metal and the next you will be sinking into a melancholic abyss and then Netherbird takes you all the way back again.

Not only does this record supply you with powerful and heavy metal, it also supplies you with plenty of atmosphere that envelops you right from the beginning. These atmospheres that The Grander Voyage provides for you are often dark, cold and melancholic and this is yet another of a long list of elements that makes this record not only that much better, but it also makes it that much more memorable.

The many different sounds that you get within this release evoke many different feelings as well. From song to song and from minute to minute you get feelings of anger, melancholy and even more uplifting emotions from time to time. The Grander Voyage sucks you into listening in numerous ways and this is just another way that it gets you to stay and listen over and over again.

Simply put, this record is a great listen and you really can’t go wrong with it. Fans of black metal, death metal, doom and fans of metal in general will find this to be a solid album. There isn’t a song on this release that you find yourself skipping and this is a release that you shouldn’t be skipping or looking over either. The Grander Voyage is here after three years of anticipation and it’s one hell of a listen.

The Grander Voyage is out now through Black Lodge Records.

You can find the album right on Bandcamp.

To find Netherbird and throw them a like, you can do so on Facebook and for everything Netherbird check out their own website.

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