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Across The Burning Sky: The End Is Near

October 30, 2016


Across The Burning Sky takes melodic death metal and cranks the melodic part up to about a twelve. There is plenty of death metal within their new release The End Is Near but all at the same time there is plenty of melody to go around as well. Across The Burning Sky provides you with harsh and punishing death metal all while providing you with a wholly melodic and memorable listen as well. The End Is Near is eleven songs of nothing but pure melodic death metal that gets stuck in your head whether you want it to get stuck in your head or not.

After the intro titled The Death March, Across The Burning Sky dives head first into their brand of melodic death and don’t look back. Across The Burning Sky rolls song after song and each song is just as harsh yet melodic as the last. Right after you press play and right after the short intro, these death fiends provide you with nothing but headbanging and highly addictive tunes. Once you begin listening and The End Is Near has gone through at least one rotation, you feel the need and you feel compelled to press play again and again to get your death metal fix.

Each song is crafted very well and each song gets stuck in your head and before you know it you will be busting out the air guitar and headbanging along with the music. The End Is Near is an intoxicating listen that you have no problems listening to numerous times. As harsh and punishing as the music can get, Across The Burning Sky keeps their melodic touch all throughout which makes each song memorable and highly palatable. Across The Burning Sky does a great job of mixing both harsher elements as well as the more melodic elements to create a sound that you can listen to all day.

The End Is Near is a straight forward headbanging and ass kicking album that is sure to get any death metal fan up and out of their seat. There aren’t any frills or filler within this record, so what you get is just straight up melodic death metal song after song until the last note plays you out. This is straight melodic death metal through and through  and through the course of this record you get bombarded with slick slithering riffs, heavy bass lines, solid precise drumming and menacing and forceful vocals. There isn’t a track on this record that isn’t solid and there isn’t a track on here that you would want to skip.

Overall, The End Is Near is a solid record that any melodic death metal fan-or any death metal fan for that matter-would love. This is eleven songs of pure death metal that gets you headbanging right off the bat and not only that but this record is one that you can’t put down so easily.

The End Is Near is out now through MDD Records.

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