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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

True Love: To Prey For Perpetual Violence

November 29, 2016


As soon as you begin listening to To Prey For Perpetual Violence a haunting and foreboding intro seeps through your speakers and right at that moment you know that you are in for some sort of twisted treat. There isn’t much that quite sounds like this record and what you do find within it are six gnarled songs that are some of the most twisted, dismal and damning songs that you can find. The longer and the more that you listen the more it actually feels as though you are falling through the abyssal corridors of hell and insanity themselves. While True Love does play traditional black metal, the man behind this one man band does add his own twists and contortions to the music as well to create a sound that is all together unique and blasphemous.

No matter what you do you just can’t help but to get sucked into this record. It has a certain alluring darkness about it that is undeniable and the more you listen, the more you want to continue listening. It seems as though the one man behind this project took everything evil and sinister in the world and pumped it into this record to truly give you a sound that is jarring and wholly terrifying at times. Wherever you decide to turn to escape the enveloping darkness it still appears right in front of you. In other words, right after you press play you become wrapped up in a dismal and utterly bleak sound that doesn’t let you go from its grasp until the last note has been played.

To Prey For Perpetual Violence is a wonderfully done record that is raw, powerful, startling, bleak and purely sinister. Through six songs you get pummeled and relinquished of your life and right when you think there may be a moment of reprieve that gets ripped right out from the palms of your hands. Each song is chaotic and in your face for however long the run time and not only that but this record and these songs stick with you after you are done listening. These songs are violent and fueled with such an intensity that it is palpable. You can feel every note bleeding through your speakers and you can feel the vocals rip through your ear drums; in short, this record gets you involved in it whether you want it to or not.

All throughout this release you are subjected to slithering yet schizophrenic riffs at times, rib cracking drums and vocals that seem to invoke the wrath of evil itself. Each element and each instrument in this record is lethal and filled with plenty of venom and with that paired with raw production what you get is a listen that is unforgettable. To Prey For Perpetual Violence is a well constructed and executed album that demands well more than just one listen. Even though there are only six songs on this release, there is plenty of content packed into it and plenty to listen to and for. You just can’t go wrong with this record and after listening you just want more of this sadistic, contorted and poisonous sound.

Speedwhore: On the Verge of Dysfunction

November 28, 2016

Album Cover.jpg

When combining black metal and thrash what you get is a cacophony of sound, a blitzkrieg of metal, and with Speedwhore and their newest EP that is exactly what you get. On the Verge of Dysfunction is the title of their EP and it sports seven total songs that are jam packed with ripping, high octane blackened thrash. On the Verge of Dysfunction is an aural assault that just doesn’t quit until your head is screwed on backwards. There are only two spots in this release where you will get reprieve from an all out assault, and that is at the very beginning of the listen when the intro is playing, and about halfway through when an interlude of sorts makes an appearance. Other than that, On the Verge of Dysfunction is seven straight songs of harsh, face shredding and violent blackened thrash.

This release by these demons is set at a blistering pace to the point where your head and neck can’t keep up with how fast you do and need to headbang to each song. Each song is a maelstrom of metal and as soon as you press play you become trapped in the storm that is On the Verge of Dysfunction. All seven songs on this release are a violent, whiplash inducing display of blackened death metal and as this EP rolls along you feel more and more inclined to thrash about, destroy whatever is in your immediate area and headbang until it just isn’t possible to anymore.

All throughout On the Verge of Dysfunction you get razor sharp cutting riffs, rumbling bass lines, tumultuous drumming and gravel filled venomous vocals coupled with high pitched screams on occasion. Each of these elements comes together to create a heavy intoxicating listen that when it is over you just can’t help it but to listen all over again. The sound that pumps through your speakers is raw blasphemy that you can’t get out of your head. After the listen is over you have these songs stuck in your head where the riffs bounce around and you end up air guitaring without realizing it.

Overall, this EP is a solid one and with it only being an EP there is a lot of content packed in. All seven songs are solid and there isn’t one on this release that you would want to skip. On the Verge of Dysfunction is a release that will please the ears of thrash and black metal fans alike.

You can check Speedwhore out on Bandcamp.

Nordwitch: Mørk Profeti

November 26, 2016


With a complete disregard for human life, Nordwitch presents Mørk Profeti their newest offering that sports seven songs of utter blasphemy. The combination of black metal and death metal creates a listen that is detrimental to the listener as each song does its very best to relinquish you of your life. There isn’t a single minute or second of filler within this record, so what you get is seven songs straight that aim for your jugular. There are no intros or outros or interludes and before you know it your neck will be cranked in the complete wrong direction as this album gets you headbanging early and often.

When the first note hits your ears you know that you are in for a violent and wild ride. After the two minute opener Nordwitch kicks everything into overdrive and you end up getting subjected to a skull cracking beating whether you wanted it or not. The run times for each of the seven songs is pretty substantial as well, so if you think that you may get a rest in the form of shorter run times, you would be mistaken. Since these songs are a little longer you end up being put through the wringer for longer and when the album is over you end up looking like you got spat out of hell.

Each song is riddled with slashing riffs, heavy bass lines, machine gun like drumming and powerful vocals and with each of these elements sewn together so well you get a cacophony of deadly metal and a wall of death. Mørk Profeti is heavy, straight forward and ultimately punishing as one song after the next is rolled out with the intent to kill. All seven songs that are on this record are raw and powerful and demand your full attention as anything less would be unacceptable. And even after you take your beating when the album has concluded you press play again to begin the head caving and neck snapping process over again.

If you are looking for an album that has tight musicianship, great production and is just overall devastating, then Mørk Profeti is that album. This record provides you with plenty of sinister and twisting material to keep your head banging for days until you have some form of brain bruising. This release is built for death metal, black metal and extreme metal fans alike, and if you are a fan of any of those genres, then this album would be perfect for you.


Chiral: Gazing Light Eternity

November 26, 2016


One would think that an album that sports only four songs doesn’t have a lot to offer, but with Gazing Light Eternity that assumption would be wrong. While this record does only pack four songs of blistering atmospheric black metal each song clocks in at over five minutes and two of them clock in at over ten minutes providing you with plenty of content. Chiral does a great job of mixing deafening black metal with more atmospheric moments that encompass you and draw you into the album even more. One minute you could be getting straight up shredding black metal and the next you become surrounded by atmospheres that are mystic and melancholic at times.

The two songs (Part I and Part III) that clock in at fourteen and thirteen minutes are the epics of this release. The longer run times may be daunting to some and you may think that you may lose focus when listening but that isn’t the case. The more you listen and the longer you listen for, these two songs in particular suck you in and keep you listening. Both songs are crafted very well and have a great balance of soul damning black metal and haunting atmospheres. It is very easy to get lost in these two songs in particular as they surround you in dense and bleak soundscapes that take your mind and make it wander into a thick fog coated forest.

Now, those two songs aren’t the only ones on the record of course but Parts II and IV act not as interludes but they act as more atmosphere to fuel the album. Chiral takes atmosphere seriously in the atmospheric black metal title. In each song you get enveloped in wondrous, fog filled bleak atmospheres from which you can’t find your way out of nor do you want to. The more you listen to Gazing Light Eternity the less you want to press pause or stop listening all together. Each song is unique in its own way and each song keeps you listening for different reasons.

Gazing Light Eternity gives you plenty of content and plenty of variation so that you don’t hear the same things over and over again. All four songs are crafted very well and supply you with razor sharp riffs, solid drumming, dissonant screams and as mentioned many times above, enough atmosphere to choke a horse. Not only is the musicianship on point but the raw and production provides you with a great sound that will ultimately get stuck in your head the more that you listen.

If you are looking for a black metal album that is just solid all the way around you really can’t go wrong with Gazing Light Eternity. This release has just about everything in it that you could want out of an atmospheric black metal album. It has scorching traditional black metal, atmosphere, great musicianship and production and all of that combined makes for a great listen.

You can keep up to date with Chiral on their website and you can also find them on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Take a listen to the track Part I (The Gazer).

Beating Dead Meat: With Full Force

November 23, 2016


Hailing from Finland is Beating Dead Meat and what you see above is their newest full length release titled With Full Force. This new release packs ten new songs of uncompromising death metal that gets you up and moving almost immediately. Right out of the gate Beating Dead Meat hits you with their intro titled 2016 and from then on they don’t stop rolling headbanging tune after headbanging tune. After the intro there isn’t any filler that takes up time within this release as Beating Dead Meat flows right into the next song without much time in between.

Beating Dead Meat does a good job of mixing up their sound throughout each song to bring something new and fresh to the table for each song. While With Full Force isn’t an album that is wholly ground breaking it is a solid release none the less. Each of the ten songs on this record are memorable, heavy and provide you with enough material to headbang until your brain is covered in bruises. Beating Dead Meat does a good job of grabbing you right from the beginning and keep you interested and listening all throughout as there is not a song on this record that you would feel you would want to skip.

With Full Force is a solid record that provides you with stomping riffs, heavy bass lines, solid pin point drumming and raspy vocals where you can hear every word that is being screamed at you. Beating Dead Meat definitely don’t skip out on the heavy on this record as each song is just as heavy as the one that came before it. After 2016 is over you get subjected to a wall of deafening death metal noise that gets you moving until the album has concluded. As mentioned above, Beating Dead Meat moves from one song to the next fairly quickly so they really don’t give you much time to rest your neck before the next onslaught comes barreling through your speakers.

This new release by these Finnish death dealers is a solid one and a great listen. With Full Force is a fun,volatile and very entertaining release that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. Beating Dead Meat provide you with plenty of material on this record and provide you with plenty of heavy speaker busting riffs to keep you listening all throughout.

Overall, this record is a good one that you can thrash around to and headbang to until your heart is content. If you are looking for something that is a little bit different and a whole lot of heavy, you cant’ go wrong with With Full Force.

With Full Force will be out December 23 through Inverse Records.

You can find and throw a like toward Beating Dead Meat on their Facebook as well as their Twitter.

Call of the Void: AYFKM

November 22, 2016


Mixing sludge with violent spasms of hardcore and grind influence, Call Of The Void unleashes AYFKM (Are You Fucking Kidding Me). This EP is riddled with five crushing and pulverizing songs that not only crush skulls but the get embedded in your brain for quite some time as well. As heavy as these songs are they are just as memorable as Call Of The Void imprints each song in your frontal lobe with a heavy hand. You can try all you want, but this EP will get stuck in your head if you even have a head left after listening to this destructive release. If you yourself don’t headbang while listening, Call Of The Void will make you do so regardless until your neck snaps.

Call Of The Void does a great job of sewing hardcore and grind elements into their overall sludge filled sound. Each song on this release is filled with plenty of buzzing and fuzz filled tendencies while Call Of The Void shreds your eardrums and smashes your face in with undeniably heavy and bone breaking grind and hardcore. Right when you begin listening you become surrounded by a wall of noise that you just simply can’t hide or run from. AYFKM does a great job of grabbing your attention from the get go and not letting you go or letting your attention waver until the final song has concluded. AYFKM is a gripping release that you really can’t pull yourself away from.

Through each song Call Of The Void rumbles along with heavy slabs of sludge soaked riffs, spine rattling bass lines, bone jarring drumming and gritty powerful vocals to provide you with an unholy and heavy sound. The sludge filled riffs combined with the onslaught of grind and hardcore that Call Of The Void brings to the table just ups the intensity and provides you with an even heavier listen. All five songs make you feel as though you have been stomped into the ground by an anvil, but when the whole EP is over you feel the need to get right back up and submit yourself to another beating.

AYFKM is a very intoxicating listen that get stamped into your mind after just a single listen. As mentioned above, this release is hard to stop listening to and you end up having a hard time peeling yourself off of your speakers. The sound is heavy, production is great and the songwriting is on point as well and with everything being mixed together so well, you get a listen that is unbelievably heavy and memorable

AYFKM will be released December 16, 2016 through Translation Loss Records.

You can find and pre-order this record here.

To find everything Translation Loss, you can check them out on their website.

You can find Call Of The Void on Facebook and Twitter.

Entrapment: Through Realms Unseen

November 19, 2016

Through Realms Unseen Cover.jpg

Sometimes just by looking at the cover of an album you can tell that what you are about to hear is completely filthy and filled with plenty of grime, and that is what you get with Entrapment’s new release Through Realms Unseen. With this release you get eleven total songs that provide you with ripping, intoxicating and deadly metal. This entire album is cohesive as one song flows to the next giving you no time to come up for air beneath all of the filthy death metal. And out of eleven songs, zero are filler, so you get bombarded from beginning to end with rotting and flesh tearing death metal with no breaks. Good luck making it out alive.

As mentioned, from front cover to back you get pelted with purely sinister and detrimental death metal. Each song is fetid and filled with enough rotting flesh and death to put some serial killers to shame. As the songs roll on you end up getting buried alive under rotted soil and remains and when you press play again the process of live burial begins again. What is unique about these songs is that they are completely punishing and brutalizing yet they are smooth and highly memorable. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip and there isn’t a song on this record that doesn’t get embedded in your brain like a bot fly.

All eleven songs are riddled with diseased and flesh tearing riffs, bone crumbling bass lines, solid acrobatic drumming and vocals that seem to have been resurrected themselves. Entrapment does a great job of making it feel as though the end is near for you by shoveling harsh and blood boiling death metal upon you. As soon as you begin listening you become buried under a wall of deadly noise that is wholly unforgiving and life threatening. And no matter how threatening these songs and this record is, this is a listen that you just can’t forget as well as put down.

Through Realms Unseen is a well crafted album that flows very nicely so it is a cohesive listen instead of sounding as though these are all completely different songs that sound as though they belong to different albums. The song writing, production, musicianship and vocals are all on point which makes this album one hell of a good head caving listen. These death bringers have created an album that gets your headbanging from note and keeps you headbanging until the last note is played. This is a deadly album that grips you from the beginning and doesn’t let you go very easily, and after one listen you feel the need to listen again.

This new release by these heathens is one that all death metal fans should keep their eyes out for. This album is a great listen and deserves to be played as loud as your neighbors will stand for because really everyone needs some death metal in their lives. And with that being said, you just cannot go wrong with an album that is as solid and as well executed as this.

Through Realms Unseen will be out through Pulverised Records November 25, 2016.

Exploding Head Syndrome: World Crashes Down

November 18, 2016


After forming in 2010, Exploding Head Syndrome has been on a tear releasing an EP in 2011, their debut full length in 2013 and now their second full length World Crashes Down this year earlier in November. With this new release Exploding Head Syndrome continues their heavy sound of punk and hard-rock providing you with a completely entertaining and headbanging listen from beginning to end. World Crashes Down is a solid and fun album that you can sink your teeth into and never get tired of. Exploding Head Syndrome keeps your head banging all throughout this record with no breaks in between songs, so when you are done listening your neck will be more than sore.

There are no filler songs within this record and there isn’t any fluff either as what you get is pure punk and hard-rock all throughout. Each song on this record flows right into the next creating a full cohesive listen. Even though each song does flow into the next seamlessly there isn’t a song on this record that sounds alike. All ten songs have their own sound to them and you never get the same sound twice which provides you with plenty of variety and plenty to listen for all throughout. World Crashes Down is  a smooth album that ultimately gets stuck in your head whether you would like it to or not.

World Crashes Down is a highly intoxicating and memorable album that you can’t shake and get out of your head even after you are done listening. With sharp musicianship, great songwriting and production, this release is a solid one that deserves well more than just one rotation. From front to back you get bombarded with heavy neck cranking songs that are filled with venomous riffs, thick bass lines, solid drumming and vocals that sound as though they very well could be screamed right in front of your face. With everything combined, you get an album that is pretty damn hard to stop listening to.

Packed in tightly with all of the slick musicianship is plenty of emotion that gets you amped up and shouting along with the vocalist. The emotion that is sewn into this record is palpable and you feed off of it when listening and that is yet just another element that makes this record that much more memorable. You can feel everything that the band members put into this record and that means that you end up making a connection with this record and with each song and that just makes each listen that much better.

Overall, World Crashes Down is a solid, heavy, headbanging and memorable listen. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel the need to skip as each song on this release is solid and entertaining. This is just a fun album to listen to and headbang to until your heart is content, and for punk fans, hard-rock fans and metal fans alike, you can’t go wrong with this release.



November 16, 2016


Pushing boundaries and bending genres is what NAG does best, and to create their unique sound they blend together punk, hardcore and some black metal. This combination creates a sound that is wholly chaotic and head spinning and all at the same time it is incredibly memorable and intoxicating. When listening you can’t help but to want to go ape shit and destroy something and headbang until your spine is permanently warped. In this self titled debut, NAG doesn’t skip out on the heavy nor do they fill anytime with fluff or fillers of any kind. What you get within this record is thirteen songs that are incredibly explosive and violent and they don’t quit until your face is completely torn off of your skull.

Each song is just as hard hitting and razor sharp as the last and as soon as you press play you become entangled in a metallic assault that you just can’t get yourself out of. NAG pile drives each song right through your skull and into your brain, and after listening once this release imprints itself deep inside of your temporal lobe. Every song is bombastic and punishing, just as you would expect from a band that combines hardcore, punk and some black metal. And no matter how many times you listen to this record it is just as punishing as it was the first time that you listened.

NAG doesn’t give you any time to brace yourself for impact. As soon as you take your finger off of the play button razor sharp riffs, bone rattling bass lines, tumultuous drumming and violent manic screams rain down upon you. From end to end NAG displays sharp musicianship and great song writing to provide you with a unique, heavy and completely destructive listen. Not only do they provide you with a heavy and intriguing listen from cover to cover, but they also keep you engaged and headbanging all throughout.

This self titled release is a lethal one, and NAG bends each genre that they sew into this record to their will. Whatever it is they want to do musically they do it and that results in an overall great listen. This release is undeniably heavy and for whichever reason you end up denying that it is heavy it just steamrolls you and moves on with no remorse. NAG suffocates you under the sheer amount of heavy and speed that they bring to this record and if you think that there may be a few moments for you to catch your breath, you would be completely wrong.

As a debut album, this can’t get much stronger. As new comers to the scene NAG makes one hell of an entrance with this release and they prove that they are here to stay for quite some time. This self titled release is monstrous and when you begin listening you just don’t want to put it down. If you are a fan of punk, hardcore, black metal or just some down right heavy, face ripping metal, then you really shouldn’t be skipping out on this record.

You can check NAG out and throw them a like right on Facebook.

Save Your Last Breath: Torn of Aeon

November 15, 2016

Sewing together numerous genres including deathcore, black metal and touches of metalcore, Save Your Last Breath bring forth a unique sound and provide you with an interesting listen with their newest offering Torn of Aeon. Black meal and deathcore might seem like a bit of a strange combination, but Save Your Last Breath does a good job of balancing the two and not having one genre completely overshadow the other. Through eleven total tracks what you get is solid, heavy and hard hitting metal that you can headbang to with the intent of causing some serious headaches for yourself.

After a very brief intro, Save Your Last Breath gets into the meat of the album and from then on they don’t stop until the half way point where somewhat of an interlude takes over. If there is one thing about this record that I would have liked to see done differently is to take that fifth song that acts as an interlude and turn it into a full fledged song or put it at the end of the record to tie it back to the beginning. To me it breaks the flow of the album up. Now that is completely subjective, but I would have liked to see the album flow on into another head caving display of deathcore tinged black metal.

Other than me being nit picky, the album does flow nicely and all throughout you can headbang without really any interruption. Each song is fast and punishing and Save Your Last Breath does a good job of not just hammering away at you with break down after break down. They pepper their breakdowns in each song nicely and when called for so it doesn’t sound as though the entire album is one giant breakdown. As mentioned, each song is crafted very well and they provide you with plenty of heaviness to smash your brain against your skull when headbanging. Not only that but each song is memorable and whether you want it or not they get stuck in your head for days.

On top of all of the heavy, Save Your Last Breath sews in some atmosphere as well making each song and the entire album that much more memorable. They do a nice job of adding in atmospheres here and there that are cold and mystical at times and these atmospheres just add yet another element to an already memorable listen. Torn of Aeon is a heavy and unique album that has a sound that isn’t mistakable, and for eleven straight songs you get pelted with crushing black metal tinged with deathcore.

Torn of Aeon is a solid album that provides you with quite a bit within its forty minutes. There is plenty of diversity within this record and plenty to listen for, and if you are a fan of deathcore, metalcore or just straight up solid heavy metal, then this album definitely is for you.

Torn of Aeon will be released December 9, 2016.

You can check everything Save Your Last Breath out right on their website and you can find them and throw them a like right on Facebook. And not to mention you can find them and follow them on Instagram.

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