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Nulla+: Stornelli Distopici

November 2, 2016

Seeping up from the Italian metal underground is Nulla+ and above is the cover for their debut record titled Stornelli Distopici. Nulla+ plays a brand of metal that is a cross between black metal, hardcore and some death metal and that mixture is what you get across eleven chaotic tracks. These Italians lay the hammer down quick and as soon as you press play this record takes off without looking back. For the most part the songs that appear on this record are pretty short-save for a few songs-and that makes for a suffocating and wild ride to the end.

Stornelli Distopici is a violent and unapologetic release that grabs you by the throat right from the get go and doesn’t let go until the final song has concluded. From note one Nulla+ pushes you straight into a violent maelstrom of blackened fury that does everything it can to rip your head off and tear your eardrums to shreds. Not only is this record violent, but with the raw production that accompanies these songs it only makes listening that much more detrimental.

Not every single minute of this blasphemous record is filled with face peeling and flesh shredding metal as Nulla+ tones it down a notch to provide a more down tempo yet soul eating sound. The down tempo moments don’t come all too often however and when they do it is only for a fleeting moment before they rev the pace back up to a whiplash inducing tempo. With all of that being said, there isn’t much time to breathe when listening to Stornelli Distopici as each and every minute and second is filled with raw and pummeling metal.

With black metal and hardcore being the main staples of the sound that pours out of your speakers you should expect nothing less than a chaotic and frenzied sound. All throughout this record you get subjected to a complete mauling by vicious and razor sharp riffs, utterly spastic drumming and vocals that sound as though the vocalist will need a new throat. Once you press play all of this rains down upon you in blackened fury until you headbang straight into oblivion. It’s hard not to headbang to this as much as you can as Nulla+ gets you right in the mood to do so from minute one.

With a raw and pulverizing sound Stornelli Distopici sucks you in and keeps you listening until you have had your fill of blackened hardcore. Overall, this is a good solid debut and listen that needs to be cranked beyond what your stereo will allow.

You can find Stornelli Distopici right on Bandcamp and you can find Nulla+ and throw them a like right on Facebook.

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