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Arriver: Emeritus

November 5, 2016


Emeritus is the name of the newest record by progressive metallers Arriver, and within this record you get five songs that tell the story of the catastrophic Chernobyl incident. Through these five songs you become immersed in great and memorable story telling and metal. Through these songs Arriver shows off different genres such as doom, death metal, thrash and others to create a sound that is all their own. From one song to the next you never know what sound you will be getting next and more often than not you get a little bit of everything in each song.

The sound of Arriver is kaleidoscopic and very hard to pigeonhole. As mentioned above doom, death metal and a little thrash show up now and then but that doesn’t even touch the surface. Arriver doesn’t sound like any one genre at any given time and in stating that they don’t sound a whole lot like any other band out there. This inventive sound is all their own which makes for a listen that much more unique and intriguing. Since Arriver’s sound is so diverse there is quite a lot to listen to and for within this record which makes it one that needs to be listened to more than just one time.

Emeritus is a twisting and turning record that keeps you on the edge of your seat all throughout. From one second to the next you could be listening to a sound that is completely different than the one you heard a second ago and that particular sound may be one that you never have heard before in previous songs. Arriver takes you on a roller coaster with this record as you never know what you are about to hear, and really that is just one more element that makes this record that much better.

Not only does Arriver display great musical wizardry, but they provide you with enough atmosphere to have your mind floating through Chernobyl. Not only do they make your mind wander through Chernobyl itself, but at times Arriver makes you feel as though you are there at the time of the incident. This album rips you away from the comfort of your couch and transplants you in a time of absolute menace. Emeritus encompasses you and spits you right back out when it is through with you as there isn’t one song on this release that you would think of skipping.

Arriver displays great technical musicianship, provides you with plenty of atmosphere and spins you captivating story all in one and really that’s more than you can ask for. Emeritus is one hell of a listen that demands your attention and keeps it all throughout. This album warrants well more than just one listen and after one you feel the need to press play again anyway. Emeritus is a well executed, written and produced record that everyone should be looking for.

Emeritus will be released through Scioto Records on December 2, 2016.

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