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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Un: Tomb of All Things

November 5, 2016


Doom is a genre that is suppose to wrap you up in atmosphere and have your mind waft through vast and twisting soundscapes, and with Tomb of All Things that is what Un had done when this record was originally unleashed. Originally released in December of last year, Tomb of All Things will be getting the tape treatment as the tape version will be released November 11, 2016. For those of you that are already familiar with Un and their work this tape is a great addition to your collection, and if you are unfamiliar with them, this is something that you wouldn’t want to pass up.

After a two and a half minute atmospheric intro, Un immediately hits you with their brand of dark and melancholic doom. From note one you become engrossed and wrapped up in all of the atmosphere that they have to offer. Even though each song on this record is on the longer side you never really realize it as Un does a great job of grabbing your attention right from the get go and keeping it. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel you need to skip as every single one of them is powerful and highly memorable and when done listening, you feel the need to press play and enter the dark twisting soundscapes that Un provides.

Tomb of All Things is a massive album packed with enough low and slow doom to last you for the rest of the year. Whether you realize it or not you get wrapped up in the music so much that you could be five listens deep and you wouldn’t know it. Tomb of All Things is an all encompassing record that once you begin listening you become shrouded in dark and abyssal atmospheres and soundscapes from which you can’t and don’t want to escape. The style of doom in which Un plays is almost enchanting and completely mesmerizing as not only do they provide you with speaker busting fuzz filled riffs, but they also balance that out with melancholic yet serene moments when you aren’t getting buffeted by a wall of unrelenting abyssal doom.

Un incorporates buzzing back breaking riffs as well as solid drum work, thick bass lines and unearthly monstrous vocals. With all of that combined with dense and head spinning atmosphere what you get is an interesting and enveloping listen that you just can’t quit. The more that you listen the more that you get buried under all of the atmosphere as well as the solid and powerful musicianship and the deeper you are into your listens the harder it is to put the record down.

Tomb of All Things was a monolithic record when it was first released and it still is a monolithic release nearly a year later and it will continue to be for quite some time. This is a massive record that folds you into a cacophony of atmosphere and excellent doom. Tomb of All Things was and still is a great record that supplies you with so much more than just doom and not only that, but this record is a great one for doom fans of any kind that love heavy soul crushing riffs, great song writing and production wrapped all into one abyssal package.

To find Tomb of All Things and to pre-order you can do so on Bandcamp.

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