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Furia: Księżyc milczy luty

November 10, 2016


When an album grips you right from the very beginning, you know that you are in for a treat of a listen. Księżyc milczy luty is the newest offering from Nekrofolk band Furia, and this release packs six songs that do a great job of taking over your world while they are playing. As soon as you press play you get lost in the harsh and terrifying yet vast soundscapes that Furia provides. As usual, Furia mixes soft folk elements with harsher hard rocking elements to create a sound that really is all their own. This sound that they have named Nekrofolk is mesmerizing and incredibly hypnotic and before you know it you’re ten listens deep.

Each song is unforgettable and Księżyc milczy luty sticks with you for some time after listening, but just one listen does not do this record justice. Not only does one listen not do this record justice, but more than one listen is warranted as there is so much to soak up through six songs that you find something new each time you listen. All six songs are crafted very well and from one song to the next you never hear the same thing twice. There is plenty to listen for in this record and the more that you do listen the more you get sucked in and the less likely it is for you to put it down.

With Księżyc milczy luty, Furia does a great job of keeping your attention all throughout. Even though the run times of the six songs are pretty lengthy you never really feel as though you are listening to a lengthy album. The more that you listen the more that you get wrapped up in the smooth folk melodies, harsh black metal and vast soundscapes and as mentioned above, the more you listen, the less you want the album to stop. From note one Furia grabs your attention and keeps it all the way through the last note, and as soon as that last note is played you end up pressing play again and again.

Księżyc milczy luty is a wondrous listen that never gets stale no matter how many times you play it. Even if you have listened to the record a dozen times that thirteenth listen still feels like the first. This is just one hell of a solid record that just keeps moving and keeps spinning in your CD player until you wear it completely out. The way that Furia keeps you listening (among other ways of course) is that they have absolutely zero filler within this record. From back to front you get a wholly unique and heavy sound with nothing else in between but more hypnotic metal. There is no fluff, fillers or anything else in this record, and what you can expect upon pressing play is nothing but very well executed Nekrolk.

There is no way that you can go wrong with this release. It’s melodic, harsh when need be, Furia provides you with vast soundscapes, the production is great and the musicianship is great as well. Furia hit the nail on the head with Księżyc milczy luty and really have created one hell of an excellent album that no one should be passing up.

Księżyc milczy luty will be out through Pagan Records November 14, 2016.

Check out Furia and other bands that are a part of the “Let The World Burn” collective here.

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