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Dekadent: Veritas

November 11, 2016

With a unique approach to black metal Dekadent provides you with harsh and damning tones with softer and more melodic tones to create an intriguing listen. Dekadent does a great job of balancing the two completely different tones and sewing them together to create a cohesive and heavy sound. On one side Dekadent can display the raw power and sheer flesh cleaving ability of black metal and on the other hand they display the ability to play softer almost serene tones at times. And even though there are melodic moments of music that isn’t so damning that never takes any heaviness away from the overall sound at all.

Veritas is a captivating listen that grabs your attention from the beginning never to let go until the final song has concluded. Whether you would like it to or not, this release sucks you in from minute one and before you know it this record is stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out. Even with the longer run times on each of the songs that make an appearance on this release, you never feel burdened to finish the record as it feels like no time at all between the times when you press play and when the final note sounds.

This record is harsh at times but other times it is completely hypnotizing and as mentioned above Dekadent does a great job of balancing both sounds. There is a lot to listen for in this record and a lot of music to soak in and with that being said this record warrants a few more listens than just one. Veritas has a ton of layers to it and the more you listen the deeper into those layers you will dig and find new sounds and elements that you may not have noticed the first time around. Dekadent does a pack quite a bit into this release but that just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Dekadent has created a twisting and turning record that throws you for loops than you can keep up with. You never get the same sound twice and each song really is different as Dekadent mixes in songs that have both the symphonic elements and black metal elements as well as songs that have more one than the other. With that being said, through each song you get hellish buzzing riffs, thick bass lines, solid destructive drumming, and savage throat ripping vocals that are only to be complimented further by angelic choir vocals in certain songs.

To push each song further and add and extra element to each song are the symphonic elements. These elements paint harsh and bleak soundscapes that you can get lost in very easily. A lot of the time throughout Veritas the symphonic sounds compliment the harsher black metal tones, so as you are getting shredded by punishing black metal you still drift through nearly serene soundscapes. This is just another element that draws you into this album more and more as well as another element that makes this record that much more memorable.

Veritas is a highly intoxicating record that you have a hard time forgetting after listening. This is a record that does take a few more listens to soak in because of all of the elements that are sewn into it, but you never mind listening to it again. This is a record that any black metal fan would listen to and enjoy as well as one that shouldn’t be looked over.

Originally released in 2015, Veritas was just recently released through Graven Earth Records in tape form and that can be found right here.

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