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Phase Order: S/T

November 12, 2016

Heavy metal and rock are inherently noisy which is why there is a genre dubbed noise rock, and belonging to that group is Phase Order. Now, Phase Order doesn’t just play noise rock as that is only one element to their overall buzzing sound as they sew in elements of sludge and stoner metal to create a fuzzed out and spine buzzing sound overall. With their new self titled EP they provide you with three new tracks that provide you with that heavy, hard rocking, buzzing and unforgettable sound. Through three songs you become buried under waves of down tuned fuzzed out riffs that get your head nodding immediately and consistently throughout.

Phase Order begins this new EP with a track titled The Idiot I which is soon followed up by The Idiot II. Both of these songs are played at an up tempo pace which gets you headbanging right off the bat. These songs are the type of songs that need to be played as loud as they possibly can so your neighbors five doors down can even hear it. The Idiot II acts as an extension of the first song so as the first song ends the next immediately begins, so if you thought that you would possible be able to give your neck a break between songs you would be mistaken. Phase Order does a great job of keeping you engaged in the music to keep you listening all throughout until the final song has concluded.

Boiler is the title of the final track which is a fourteen minute noise rock and sludge epic. Boiler leads you in with a short intro and as soon as that intro is over you get socked in the mouth with smooth yet harsh and loud metal. There aren’t any vocals in this song, so what you end up getting is fourteen minutes of nothing but pure, heavy, and murky sludge filled rock. If the first two songs didn’t burst your speakers because of all of the fuzz, this song definitely will. The best part about Boiler is the fact that there isn’t any filler, so for fourteen straight minutes you are being bombarded with sludge laced rock.

Through each song you get a lethal dosing of brain rattling riffs, thick bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that have been mixed to be just as fuzz filled as the rest of the music. You just can’t escape from all of the speaker vibrating riffs and as soon as you press play you nearly immediately get buried under it all. This self titled EP is a great listen that provides you with plenty of content to tide you over until a full length is to make an appearance. If you like noise rock, sludge, stoner metal or just some good o’l kick ass metal, then this EP is just the right fit for you.

You can find this EP right on Bandcamp.

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