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Save Your Last Breath: Torn of Aeon

November 15, 2016

Sewing together numerous genres including deathcore, black metal and touches of metalcore, Save Your Last Breath bring forth a unique sound and provide you with an interesting listen with their newest offering Torn of Aeon. Black meal and deathcore might seem like a bit of a strange combination, but Save Your Last Breath does a good job of balancing the two and not having one genre completely overshadow the other. Through eleven total tracks what you get is solid, heavy and hard hitting metal that you can headbang to with the intent of causing some serious headaches for yourself.

After a very brief intro, Save Your Last Breath gets into the meat of the album and from then on they don’t stop until the half way point where somewhat of an interlude takes over. If there is one thing about this record that I would have liked to see done differently is to take that fifth song that acts as an interlude and turn it into a full fledged song or put it at the end of the record to tie it back to the beginning. To me it breaks the flow of the album up. Now that is completely subjective, but I would have liked to see the album flow on into another head caving display of deathcore tinged black metal.

Other than me being nit picky, the album does flow nicely and all throughout you can headbang without really any interruption. Each song is fast and punishing and Save Your Last Breath does a good job of not just hammering away at you with break down after break down. They pepper their breakdowns in each song nicely and when called for so it doesn’t sound as though the entire album is one giant breakdown. As mentioned, each song is crafted very well and they provide you with plenty of heaviness to smash your brain against your skull when headbanging. Not only that but each song is memorable and whether you want it or not they get stuck in your head for days.

On top of all of the heavy, Save Your Last Breath sews in some atmosphere as well making each song and the entire album that much more memorable. They do a nice job of adding in atmospheres here and there that are cold and mystical at times and these atmospheres just add yet another element to an already memorable listen. Torn of Aeon is a heavy and unique album that has a sound that isn’t mistakable, and for eleven straight songs you get pelted with crushing black metal tinged with deathcore.

Torn of Aeon is a solid album that provides you with quite a bit within its forty minutes. There is plenty of diversity within this record and plenty to listen for, and if you are a fan of deathcore, metalcore or just straight up solid heavy metal, then this album definitely is for you.

Torn of Aeon will be released December 9, 2016.

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