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Exploding Head Syndrome: World Crashes Down

November 18, 2016


After forming in 2010, Exploding Head Syndrome has been on a tear releasing an EP in 2011, their debut full length in 2013 and now their second full length World Crashes Down this year earlier in November. With this new release Exploding Head Syndrome continues their heavy sound of punk and hard-rock providing you with a completely entertaining and headbanging listen from beginning to end. World Crashes Down is a solid and fun album that you can sink your teeth into and never get tired of. Exploding Head Syndrome keeps your head banging all throughout this record with no breaks in between songs, so when you are done listening your neck will be more than sore.

There are no filler songs within this record and there isn’t any fluff either as what you get is pure punk and hard-rock all throughout. Each song on this record flows right into the next creating a full cohesive listen. Even though each song does flow into the next seamlessly there isn’t a song on this record that sounds alike. All ten songs have their own sound to them and you never get the same sound twice which provides you with plenty of variety and plenty to listen for all throughout. World Crashes Down is  a smooth album that ultimately gets stuck in your head whether you would like it to or not.

World Crashes Down is a highly intoxicating and memorable album that you can’t shake and get out of your head even after you are done listening. With sharp musicianship, great songwriting and production, this release is a solid one that deserves well more than just one rotation. From front to back you get bombarded with heavy neck cranking songs that are filled with venomous riffs, thick bass lines, solid drumming and vocals that sound as though they very well could be screamed right in front of your face. With everything combined, you get an album that is pretty damn hard to stop listening to.

Packed in tightly with all of the slick musicianship is plenty of emotion that gets you amped up and shouting along with the vocalist. The emotion that is sewn into this record is palpable and you feed off of it when listening and that is yet just another element that makes this record that much more memorable. You can feel everything that the band members put into this record and that means that you end up making a connection with this record and with each song and that just makes each listen that much better.

Overall, World Crashes Down is a solid, heavy, headbanging and memorable listen. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel the need to skip as each song on this release is solid and entertaining. This is just a fun album to listen to and headbang to until your heart is content, and for punk fans, hard-rock fans and metal fans alike, you can’t go wrong with this release.


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